Talent Management Newsletter


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Hey all TM ROCKERS !! ^.^

Hope it's not too late for me to officially welcome you all to this department - Talent Management!

As mentioned in our 2nd Reunion, I will be sending email to you guys to clarify on our direction and focus of department.

This is a real long newsletter, get yourself mentally prepared for this LOL!

Before we start, a quick refresh here, these are the focus of TM in Q4.

  • EP LEAD Support
  • Event Cycle
  • Team Minimums implementation
  • Performance Appraisal implementation
  • Learning & Development fulfillment

In the end, what we want to achieve in Q4 is delivering leadership development and ensuring satisfaction in members and EPs. What we are going to do is to always keep an eye on our stakeholders' experience, and do our very best to make this happen.

So are you ready for this? :)

October Focus

LC Outing - First AIESEC Gathering!

Date: 25th October 2015

Time: Evening till night (depends on how we arrange the agenda)

Venue: Bukit Ekspo, UPM

As been told by Jason, this event will be an opportunity for us to get each other bonded together, before they feel disconnected in the team and leave.

And as been told by Zhi Xuan, this event will be the first impression of others towards events of TM.

So how can we shape this event into a successful one? The one that makes each other enjoy themselves and interact with each other for fun and meaningful conversations.

Put on your thinking cap on this first. The preparation will start soon after further discussion between Zhi Xuan and Jason. So kindly stay tuned for further information on this.

Start the Sprint

You have already in your team and started the discussion as well as operations already. As TMers, another role that' crucial is to be aware of the development of members in the team. What are the experiences that they get in that team?

To evaluate on this, let's get to know what will happen in any team experience:

Then, let's see what is needed to make a great team experience:

Based on this information, evaluate on the experience delivered to the team. It might be not a perfect experience, but our role is to identify it, and see what are the suggestions we can give to make it a better one.

Kindly approach Sheldon if you need further information or assistance on this. We can even have discussion in FB group :)

P.S. We will update each other on the evaluation on each team during next reunion.

Departmental Operations

This upcoming week we will go all in for LC Outing, so as to make the outing a memorable and awesome one! After LC Outing, then we will be focusing on our departmental operations (all the TM stuffs).

Meanwhile, kindly go through the Job Description of TMers in this link. After you have gone through the job description, it's time to choose which one you are interested in! To align the position with your preference, and at the same time, align with our departmental needs, we will have to allocate the position carefully. Therefore, to make this happen, kindly help me out in filling this form of interest. Latest date for completing this form of interest will be by 2359 21/10/2015.

Kindly approach Sheldon or Zhi Xuan if you have doubts or need further clarifications on the job description.

Upcoming Week

Next Reunion of Talent Management

After checking the tracksheet of availability, this is the suggested time :

Wednesday (21/10/15) 7.30 - 9.00 p.m.

Kindly let me know on your availability by reverting this email.

Message from your LCVP TM

Sorry for all the delay and being unable to fulfill the promise of sending this email on time. Thanks for taking this information seriously by keep checking for the updates, and thanks for the understanding on this delay. Also, thanks for being concern on my conditions. I really really really appreciate it very much.

So what happened to me was I got a little breakdown of myself. I feel lost of what I'm doing in few aspects, which is academically in my course, non-academically in AIESEC, and neither of both - in my personal life. I always wanted to be the strong and capable one, that keeps everything on track and on balanced. So I ignored the fact that I'm tired (physically, mentally, spiritually tired), and still keep my life busy with packed schedule and stuffs like this and that.

The act of keeping myself overworked and imbalanced, is actually a sign of self-destructive behaviors. I couldn't function well at all, productivity gone, stress set in. I've been forcing myself to be productive, but ended up sleeping for 3 hours in front of computer in the library. Of which this proved one fact, that things weren't all alright. I need a short break to reflect everything.

It has been a long while since I have personal time and space for myself to do self-reflection. So these two days, I spent time thinking a lot. It helps me to sort out few things that bugging my mind. And this made me realize one thing, self-exploration and self-realization, are not touch-and-go type of process, indeed it's a long journey. I thought I understand myself very much, but at some point in life, there will be another confusion phase, which prompts me to get to know deeper about myself, like peeling the onion, until the core of it.

Having time to take a break and reflect, makes me get much better now. Although still with some confusion, but I have some peaceful feeling deep inside.

Sharing this out, I just want to bring out few messages:

1) To take care of others, one must take care of himself first. I hope all of you will take good care of yourselves, in the aspects of your diet, duration of sleep, reflecting your own life goal, making yourself happy, making people around you happy, and so on.

2) It is fine to be vulnerable, and vulnerability is the birthplace of joy, innovation and creativity. This idea was introduced by Brene Brown in this video, and I really felt it. From being resistant to weaknesses, pretending all is alright, until I accept the fact that I need a break, and ask help from others... the whole process until now, accepting vulnerability, brings me some sense of peace within myself. So if there's any problem that you face, remember not to bear it yourself. Find your support system, and feel free to approach any of us too. We will be always there for your listener.

3) Lastly, your VP is not the typical strong leader, but the one that grows from own struggle and failure. To be honest, I'm not good at leading a team, nor good at leading myself. But I'm ready to adjust myself, and to learn more, to experiment more, and grow from failures. I hope this somehow inspires you to accept vulnerability when it comes, and listen more to the voices of your heart. There's always solution for our problem, just that we need more patience to go through the process.

Hope you won't get freak out by my sharing here. Looking back I felt that I've grown a lot with all these ups and downs. I hope that you will feel the same too someday when you look back on your life.

Cheers and together TM we rock!