Red Rumped Agouti

Dasyprocta Agouti

Locations and Habitats

Agoutis are found in the forest and woodenly areas of south and Central America. their habitats includes rain forests, Savannah's and cultivated fields. They hide themselves at night in hollow tree-trunks or burrow in the roots.


Active in their movements, their pace is either a trot or a spring movement followed by a gallop. Agoutis can also swim very well


Agoutis primarily feed off of fruits, vegetables and nuts. When food is available, the agouti will bury the food to prepare for scarcity. Agoutis have good memory, but occasionally they will overlook their hiding spots. The forgotten fruits and berries often sprout into trees which helps replenish the rain forests.

Fun Facts

1. Agoutis are one of the only animals in the world that can open a Brazil nut without using any tools. They can do this because of their strong jaw and extremely sharp teeth.

2. Agoutis are closely bred with guinea pigs

3. Vegetarian

4. Are a breed of the rodent family

5. Agoutis can swim very well

6. Red rumped agoutis are also known as golden or orange rumped agoutis

The agouti is a vertebrate animal

Niche: helps replenish trees by storing nuts and seeds under ground and then they start to grow

Kingdom: animilia

Related to the Brazilian agouti and has a rodent looking appearance

Preyed on my large cats and some large snakes

Have a good pigmentation in their fur, which makes them a target of hunting

Agoutis are not endangered

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The Agouti and the Brazil Nut