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Comrise's Quarterly Newsletter

January 2013

Quarterly Highlights:

Official Comrise Mascot: "Java" the Bot

After holding a month-long contest on our Facebook page with a Kindle Fire up for grabs, we received hundreds of possible names for our new robotic mascot, but the clever moniker "Java" unanimously prevailed.

We are happy to welcome "Java" the Bot, representing both the coffee we drink in the office and the developers we employ, to the Comrise family.

Be a fan of our Facebook page to follow Java and be a part of our next contest.

New Website & Slogan

With the new year also comes a new website. Check us out!

Features on the site now include employee photos and bios, video testimonials, a weekly blog, social media pages, press releases and current job openings.

We also updated our company slogan to "Make IT Happen"
After all, we made it happen for you, didn't we?

Big Data Training at Syracuse and Cornell Universities

Comrise is sponsoring a 3-day and 5-day ECL Training Course in early January for Master's and Ph.D. students pursing Graduate degrees in Data Science, Computer Science & Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics, Operations Research, or other quantitative fields.

The training is being provided courtesy of a partner of Comrise, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, a leader in providing essential information that helps customers across all industries make informed business decisions.

Sessions will be held at Syracuse and Cornell Universities, as well as onsite at Comrise Headquarters in New Jersey.

To learn more or get involved with our next training session this Spring, please contact us.

International Campus Recruiting

Students participating in the ECL Training Course are the result of an international Campus Recruiting Program. We visited the above colleges and universities to recruit the best and brightest talent to participate in both our training sessions, as well as our Data Science Internship and Graduate Programs.

This summer our Data Science Interns, primarily M.S. students enrolled in Rutgers University's Statistics & Risk Management Program, worked on numerous projects and used tools learned in the ECL Training Course to solve Big Data issues for our client companies. All interns are now working full-time for Comrise or pursuing opportunities with our partners.

We're excited to kick off our first Data Science Graduate Program this May.

Official Sponsor of the 2013 Louisville CIO Practicum

Thanks to our strong relationships with colleges and universities nationwide, Comrise took advantage of an opportunity to sponsor the Louisville CIO Practicum, which is being hosted by the J.B. Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville.

The practicum is aimed at providing a platform for CIOs to stay informed about advances in the fast-moving technology space, and creating a network of IT leadership and managers who are committed to sharing best practices, sharpening their skills, and increasing their technical literacy.

The event is free for CIOs, and will take place January 30th on the university campus.
If you'd like to attend, or know anyone who might be interested in attending, please contact us.

Deepening Our Asia-Pacific Roots

In early October, Comrise acquired the consulting firm Essentials Recruitment, which provides staffing and recruitment solutions to the fast-moving consumer goods, marketing and retail industries in Hong Kong.

Comrise now has a total of nine offices across the Asia-Pacific region. We regularly cross-train our employees across all job levels, and members of our Management Team frequently visit Hong Kong and China to close business deals and explore areas for new opportunity.

If you're interested in pursuing a job opportunity in the Asia-Pacific region, let us know.

Job Seeker Trends: "Cybersecurity"

As companies across all industries grow larger and stronger, there is an increasing need for them to protect their digital assets.

That being said, job seekers skilled in "cybersecurity" are finding themselves with an edge against the competition.

According to a recent post on NetworkWorld, these are the top three tips to landing a cybersecurity job:

  1. Certifications – Certifications on a resume show a hiring manager you've passed a comprehensive test. CompTIA Security+ is key to most commercial cybersecurity jobs.
  2. Military or Federal Work – it's likely that cybersecurity professionals in this field receive training not yet available in the commercial sector.
  3. Learn SAML – or Security Assertion Markup Language, a data format used for exchanging authentication and authorization data between parties.
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Picking Up After Hurricane Sandy

As we continue to recover from Hurricane Sandy here in New Jersey, Comrise felt a strong duty to give back to its local community and help victims displaced by the storm.

In December we held a Blood Drive outside our office, and were able to donate eight units of blood directly to storm victims. Employees, clients and consultants also contributed to a corporate-matching Red Cross fund dedicated to Sandy relief. We raised a total of $5,680.

Special thanks to our Human Resources Manager, Fran Banks, who coordinated these efforts and kept up our spirits high during a difficult time.

Have a Happy & Prosperous 2013, from the Comrise Family

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