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Take a peek at our upcoming week. December14 , 2015

Book Fair will go through Monday December 14, 2015

Holiday Party December 18th, 2015

Please send your child's book to school ASAP. Thank you .

Also, if you need a reminder of what your child signed up to bring, please email Mrs. Neely or Ms. Crook. The items are to be brought Friday morning! Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to help. :)

If students want to bring “Penny Gifts” or Goodie Bags on the day of the party, they may but it must be enough for the whole HR class.

Crook- 21

Neely- 22

Also, we will be eating lunch in our classroom this day, so please pack a lunchbox.

Thank you for all the help! We are looking forward to a great time!

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Snowflake Activity

On Monday and Tuesday we are planning on completing a fun, science-based activity relating to States of Matter (solid, liquid, and gas) and snowflakes. I am in need of several boxes of Borax. If you are willing to donate, please send it to school with your child ASAP. Borax can be found on the laundry-detergent isle of grocery stores and/or Walmart. A picture of the Box is below for your reference. We are also in need of pipe cleaners (picture below).

Upcoming Events


  • 17 Holiday Parties K-3
  • 18 Holiday Party Fourth Grade @ 8:00
  • Fifth Grade @ 9:30

  • 18- Winter Holiday Break begins @12:30

Collaboration Week

This week math, science, reading and writing will all be collaborating together.

The purpose of this unit is to help students develop the skills of advanced readers in analyzing and interpreting literature. The questions promote big idea, themes, and concepts, and provide opportunities for students to question the author, analyze the author's and illustrator's craft, and make connections to self and the real world. Questions will be used for journaling and require responses that go beyond the literal meanings or the answers found in the text as they invite analysis of character, events, and interactions; synthesis of ideas; and evaluation of relationships, actions, consequences, and alternatives.

We will be analyzing plot, theme, character traits and many more. Also the students will be classifying snowflakes, and conduct a snowflake experiment.

Birthday Celebrations

We are excited for your child’s birthday and want the day to be as special as possible! If your child is choosing to bring a treat to share with classmates, in celebration of his/her birthday, please note the following details:

We allow students to distribute these items immediately following, or during, recess. This means that the items must be delivered to the school BY 12:00pm, on that day. As we do not have a way to cut anything, please ensure that the treats selected are store bought, “single serve”, and do not require cutting. Suggested items include: cupcakes, donuts, cookies (not a cookie cake), etc. Additionally, please be mindful of allergies related to nuts and ensure that the items DO NOT CONTAIN NUTS! Including napkins with the treats would also be greatly appreciated. In order to assist you with the quantities needed, please note we have 22 students in each of our classes

Texas History

Next week the students will be recording their skits and making their murals. Please send in anything materials they may need Monday.

We are starting our Native American Project this week. Here is a look into what your child will be working on in class ONLY. This is a group assignment based around the Engaged Learning Model.

The project requirements include:

1. Identify the Native American groups in Texas and in America before European exploration. 4.1(B)

2. Understand the origin, similarities, and differences among these groups. 4.1(A)

3. Describe the regions in which the Native American Indians lived and identify groups remaining in Texas today. 4.1(C)

4. Compare the ways of life among American tribes in Texas. 4.1(D)

5. Explain how the economic activities of various early American Indian groups in Texas and North America used to meet their needs and wants such as farming, trading, and hunting. 4.10(A)

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Knock, knock
Who’s there?
Merry who?
Merry Christmas!

Enjoy the Holiday Break!

Q: Where do snowmen keep their money?

A: In a Snowbank

You must do the things you think you cannot do. -Eleanor Roosevelt

We are very thankful to be blessed with such amazing students, and parents this year. Thank you for all the support.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We will do our best to our best to respond within 24 hours.

Also, we are updating our Websites daily. Please check them out!

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