Smell & Memory

Laura Sanford and Bri Azar

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Why We Chose Smell & Memory For Our Topic

We chose Smell and Memory for our topic because we enjoy smelling things. We also wanted to know more information about the corralation between the sense of smell and memory.

About Smell and Memory

The part of the brain that detects smells (olfactory) is located near the amygdala and the hippocampus which is where memories are stored. When a person loses their memory for various reasons the ability to recognize smells becomes damaged. Memory is more attached to smell than any other sense.
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The Brain

Smells are identified by chemoreceptors which send messages to the brain. When a person breathes in the smells the chemoreceptors send messages to the limbic system in the brain. Also, as you read in the section above the olfactory is located right next to both the amygdla and the hippocampus.

Research and Psychologist

Linda Bartoshuk did a study on the connections of smell and memory. Bartoshuk is the head of the research department at the University of Florida. Her studies show that smell is closely related to the sense of smell.
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Fun Facts

  • Noses have smell prints which are similar to taste buds for mouths. Therefore no two people smell the exact same sent the same way.
  • On average girls usually have a better since of smell than boys.\
How smell unlocks memory | RMIT University