Plastic Surgeon

By:Jane Kimani

What Do Plastic Surgeons Do?

Plastic surgeons shape and mold regions of the body like as the face,nose,ear, etc. They also repair problems such as malformed structures in hands or feet. Cosmetic surgeons reshape normal body parts and reconstructive surgeons repair or replace body parts damaged by an accident,illness or malformation.

How long do plastic surgeons go to school for?

Plastic surgeons get 14-15 years of education and experience. To be a plastic surgeon you have to get a bachelor's degree which is 4 years.You must earn a Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from an authorized medical school. To earn a Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine you have to spend 2 years in school and 2 years in hospitals . You also have to complete 5-6 years in training, in the first 3 years you do general surgery and in the final 2-3 you do plastic surgery. You must pass 1 or more examinations to legally work.
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How much do plastic surgeons make?

Annual- $245,827-515,794

Monthly- $29,187

Weekly- $6,735

Hourly- $168

Where could a plastic surgeon get employed?

Massachusetts General Hospital: Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Boston, Massachusetts

Johns Hopkins Plastic Surgery

Baltimore, Maryland

Columbus Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center

Columbus, Georgia