World War Z

Max Brooks


World War Z by Max Brooks was a very good book. It was unlike any book I'd ever read, in that it wasn't just a distopian novel or even just a boring history book. Max Brooks made it seem like this war really happened.

Favorite Passage

"I found patient zero in an abandoned apartment across town. His wrists and feet were tightly bound with plastic packing twine. Although he'd rubbed off the skin around his bonds, there was no blood. There was also no blood on his other wounds. He was writhing like an animal; a gag muffled his growls. I put on my gloves. The boy's skin was cold and gray. I could find neither his heartbeat nor his pulse."

Character Poem

Max Brooks

Unseen, There, Ominous

A host

Asking, Questioning, Analyzing

Everywhere and Anywhere

He is trying to find answers.


Through a series of interviews, Max Brooks, as an agent of the United Nations Postwar Commission, describes the history of "World War Z". The origin of the zombie epidemic is unknown but it is implied that it was started by 'patient zero' who was bitten while diving for treasure in the sea. The plague was said to be spread through the black market organ trade and by refugees pre-attack. The interviews are of people from all around the world and their stories about the zombie war entitled World War Z.