Bessie Smith

Bessie Smith, the "Empress of Blues"

This jazz and blues singer is full of soul!

Bessie was born on the 15th of April in the year 1894 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A family of seven children, soon lost their father after Bessie's birth. When Bessie was around the age of 12, she lost her mother and two siblings, leaving her and the rest of her siblings to live with their aunt.


Street Singer

Bessie became street singer for money, but things took a turn when she got offered a record deal. Her brother then became her manager, Bessie's fame took off!


Bessie's Great Impact

Bessie was the "Empress of Blues", she sang with soul and raised the standards. According to "Bessie Smith is the greatest female blues singer who's ever lived." She was a female who went from being a poor street singer to a blues singer making over one thousand dollars a week. She influenced many other famous artists' as well as overall created what blues truly is.

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