Friday Focus

Amy Parks Heath Elementary

A Few Generalities- for Your Hero Opportunity

You Know You're Mexican If--

-Your mom has a pot big enough to cook 250 lbs. of menudo. -You have at least 12 uncles/aunts. -You have ever been spanked with chanclas. -Your mother yells at the top of her lungs to call you to dinner and you only live in a one bedroom apartment.-You get scared whenever someone mentions "el cucuuuuiii". -Your grandmother thinks she has the miracle cure for everything. -You can dance merengue, cumbias and salsa without music. -You have a picture of -Jesucristo- in your house. -You have at least thirty cousins-You know the story of la llorona and love scaring your kids with it-A little part of you still believes in chupacabras-You know the next line to the song "ay ay ay ay ay....."-You say "happy new yearS" instead of "happy new year"

Now, I was on the couch cracking up when I read this! You probably are a bit confused. Of course these are generalities and stereotypes. However, in my case many of them are true. I share these to remind you that all of our kids have a culture. Some of them you can relate to and some of them you can't. My favorite part of Kagan, besides the obvious management associated with STRUCTURES, is the chance to get team build and the questions that help you and your students get to know each other better. It's important to know where our students come from so you can help them feel welcomed, better understand them, and most importantly celebrate differences!

I attended Zumba this evening. (checked out Chea and Kara's obsession). I was grateful for the invite. As much as I loved loved the class what I loved most was THE MUSIC! I had forgotten how much I missed listening to Mexican cumbias and dance music. I wonder if there are students in our building who feel the same way? I wonder if the absence of peers that share like traditions causes them to long for familiarity? I think it's worth exploring. Take time this week to learn about the cultures represented on our campus. Enjoy some zumba time as well.

"bailando" (enrique iglesias) / ZUMBA IVAN MONTERREY feat. ZUMBA CHARITY

This Week's Important Information --College week

College Shirts -Mon-Spelling Bee 8:30; Google Forms, Feedback and Formative Assessments Class-Computer Lab 3:15

Dress 80's -Twitter Chat Tuesday-6:30 Camp Mtg

PJs - Wednesday-Staff Appreciation Lunch

Crazy Socks -Thursday- Twitter Thursday #weareaphe

Sweats Friday- Plus your show today

In an effort to show APHE support we would love to have a great showing in purchasing the Tornado Relief T's. To expedite the process Megan is willing to place a campus order. Shirts are $5 OR You can pay $10 and receive the shirt plus 5 jean passes. An order form will be placed in your box today. MONEY WILL BE DUE MONDAY the 11th. We will wear our shirts Friday Jan 29th! Click on the title above for more info.
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