Personal Training

Help people reach there Goals


As a certified personal trainer your job consist of helping others reach there fitness goals. You will provide plans on how they can better themselves as well as a daily regimen for them to follow(eating habits, workout plans/routine's). Everyone is different so no plans should be alike


High school diploma, Degree in kinesiology (exercise science major/Minor)
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Don't Have To Take Classes??

A few colleges offer a personal training program, if you don't have a lot of money to pay for weird useless science classes. Triton offers a great personal training class that will only take 1 year to complete or two semesters.


Annual Salary $28,000-$58,000

Full time you can make up to $21.71

Still Want To Be a Trainer??

So You Want a Career as a Personal Trainer--WATCH THIS FIRST!

Work environment

Work enviorment consist of Gym's, Homes, Weight-room's

Related courses at Leyden

The personal chef: This course seems good bc as a personal trainer you may have to come up with an individualized mean plan.

Physical education: helps you stay in shape and teaches you about the body


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