The Hieroglyphics of Ancient Egypt

By Justin Clark

Types of Hieroglyphics

Hieroglyphics were a form of writing that the ancient Egyptians used. There were between 700 and 800 basic symbols of hieroglyphics called "glyphs". Hieroglyphics were written in many different ways, such as left to right, and top to bottom. Hieroglyphics that represent sounds are called "phonograms", while "ideograms" represent objects and or ideas. They constructed words by combining the two types of glyphs.

The Ways Hieroglyphics Were Used

The Egyptians used these hieroglyphics to write down many prayers, and they believed that these texts would guide them through the afterlife. They also used them to write down historical records. An example of that would be the depth of the Nile on a certain day. The Egyptians decorated jewelry with hieroglyphics. They would also carve them into gold and silver.

The Different Forms of Writing

Besides hieroglyphics, the Egyptians also invented 2 other forms of writing. They are called "Hieratic", and "Demotic". Hieratic was the Egyptian's cursive form of writing, but it was a lot more simpler than regular hieroglyphics. Writing in heiratic was faster, so scribes used them to write letters. Demotic was another form that originated around 660 B.C. This script was abbreviated, so writing in demotic was quicker than writing in hieratic.

How Hieroglyphics Have Affected Us Today

How Hieroglyphics Have Affected Us Today

I think that the way that hieroglyphics have affected us, is that we can learn about the ancient Egyptian's way of life. It also connects us to ancient Egypt. Without hieroglyphics, we wouldn't be able to know who they were, or how they lived. We can also learn about the Egyptian gods and goddesses through hieroglyphics, and their history is very important. That is how hieroglyphics have affected us today.