Why the Federalists have the right idea

The Federalist party has the right ideas

The Federalists have noticed what went wrong with the Articles of confederation. We know that the reason for these problems is that the previous Federal gov't was too weak! We did not have a Federal army, because the government couldn't tax, to stop Shays' Rebellion so it went on for way too long. The farmers couldn't pay their taxes because of all of the different currencies of the states. This led to the rebellion. Our country is divided into too many pieces, so we need to join together in a stronger federal gov't. Think about these recent events, and know that the Anti-Federalists want to keep the state governments superior.

Protection of your rights

The new constitution, if made in our favor, will protect the citizens rights enough inside its writing. There will be no reason to list out all of the rights the citizens need. The constitution is enough, and those who think differently are too paranoid. To further protect citizens, the Fed. gov't will be able to tax it's citizens. Don't fear this though, as the money will be used to pay for an army to protect the citizens of the United States.

Guaranteed to keep us strong.

What will happen with the state governments?

The state governments will still have power over themselves, but the federal government will be able to control laws all around the U.S.