You ARE What you Eat!

Don't Let Cafeteria Food Build You Up with the WRONG Blocks

CHS Needs a Change!

Take a walk through the school cafeteria. What types of food do you see? Mass produced pizza, gravy with buttered bread, cinnamon rolls, and an giant array of sweetened candy. What healthy options are there? There is some salad, but it comes with a rich and fattening sauce to be poured onto the salad. Not very healthy if you ask me! Let's ask CHS for healthier options!

What is really in this Junk?

According to Cici's Pizza(the provider to the school), each piece of pepperoni pizza contains 1.8 grams of saturated fat, 4.5 grams of total fat, 9 grams of cholesterol, and only 1 gram of fiber. Most students order TWO slices of pizza, so each of these measurements is doubled!

None of these values meet what is recommended by health organizations: 5 grams of fiber, 20 grams of saturated fats, and 0.3 grams of cholesterol. Many of these recommendations are met or even exceeded just through two slices of Cici's Pizza.

Meanwhile, by boiling instead of frying, substituting vegetables for fried deserts, and eating a balanced meal, all of these negative nutritional values almost reach zero, and the fiber skyrockets.

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Live Longer by Avoiding Unhealthy Options!

By avoiding the Junk food at the CHS Cafeteria, you can lower you risk of heart disease, obesity, and depression. Chances are you will live longer and can help others live longer too!

Who is this affecting?

Through an informal poll 60% of the students eat this "food" and 87% of these students eat there at least 4 times a week! That means that 52% of the school population is being affected to a concerning extent!

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Take a Stand!

Boycott "junk" food and bring your own lunch. Wear your t-shirt given to you, and spread the word of the harmful effects of the CHS cafeteria food. Together, we can make a difference!