Beowulf and the Mighty Dragon!

The king and dragon battle for the fate of the kingdom.

How it all Began

The news of a thief, a runaway slave, loose in the kingdom was brought to attention over a fortnight ago. Little did anyone expect that this thief would do so much more than steal the people's treasures. The thief instead decided to steal a goblet from a dragon. I think we all remember how that ended...

The Great Battle

The mighty dragon raced towards the kingdom burning everything in his path. Between the kingdom and the dragon stood nothing but a grassland. Or was it..? No! Our fearless leader Beowulf and a band of mighty warriors marched to meet the fiery beast. Beowulf confronted the dragon with no fear in his eyes and gave him a fight tougher than the dragon ever thought he would encounter! With flashes of fired and steel the battle raged on until Beowulf struck a mighty blow to the dragon's neck, but the sword was shattered! The dragon finally had his chance to strike...

An Unlikely Hero

The dragon took the opportunity to strike on an unarmed Beowulf. The beast was able to land a venomous bite on Beowulf's neck. Our leader was wounded. Our undefeated leader who has protected us for years was struck down at the feet of the dragon. However an unlikely hero remained. When the Beowulf's warriors left from cowardice, one remained. Wiglaf. Wiglaf plunged his sword into the belly of the great beast, suddenly Beowulf on the last breath of life reared his knife back and stabbed a mortal wound into the dragon's stomach. Beowulf, our most noble and brave leader was died protecting us, his people, declaring the dragon's treasure be given to us! He, the mighty Beowulf, shall be remembered forever!