Mission Possible

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Tips for Getting Permission

  • You need permission to conduct action research
  • You need permission if it involves students
  • If it involves consenting adults (teachers in a group at school, or your critical friends) then you must ask them to complete a permission form in which you outline how the data will be used and how they will be protected
  • Check our website under Support Document for sample school permission letters
  • Start early to get permission to conduct your action research study
  • Ask your principal, consultant or learning coordinator, coaches, or superintendent whom to contact in order to get permission for doing your project
  • Check your board's portal under Research for a name or documents
  • Contact the name from above and find out what is required eg. get the permission package as the process varies greatly between boards
  • Have a detailed plan in mind on how you want to complete your action research project as some permissions require the entire project laid out in rough form
  • If you have questions ask your administrator or any ROP facilitator
  • If for some reason you encounter difficulties getting permission, let your facilitator know immediately

Reflective Quote

Yes, in all my research, the greatest leaders looked inward and were able to tell a good story with authenticity and passion.

Deepak Chopra

Plan ahead to tell your research story.

See the ROP site for sample permission letters and applications

Go to Support Documents under Action Research Zone. In addition to sample permission letters you will also find Carla's application form (with format editing only). The TVDSB board only has an application for outside researchers so therefore it was labour intensive. Other boards may have a simpler version. All samples are just that, samples to guide you along as you find out about your board's permission process. Check things out early so you can plan ahead for what is required.