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Friday, October 14th, 2016

Field Trip Money Due Monday!!!

Pumpkin Patch money ($9) is due by October 17th. Our field trip to Storie's Pumpkin Patch in Waynesville is on Thursday, October 27th. Thank you!

Note: If your child has not turned in the $9, they will not be able to attend the field trip. Sorry!

Book Fair Starts Next Week!

No Library Books...

Due to the book fair, there will be no library book checkout. The book fair shelves are in front of the book shelves. So please do not worry that your child lost their book. They just haven't checked one out this week!

Conferences are next Thursday. Here is the schedule:

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Unity Day on Wednesday

To show our support and unite, all students are encouraged to wear orange on Unity Day, Wednesday, October 19th. We will attend a special assembly to talk about being united against bullying. Please wear orange! Thanks!

Our Paws for Compliments Reward: Lunch on the Stage!

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Pop See Ko - Koo Koo Kanga Roo | GoNoodle

We Love!

Each day, when we have a moment to get our bodies moving between activities, we watch The video above, "Pop See Ko," is one of their favorites! I found it on youtube in case you can't set up a gonoodle account. Enjoy!

Are we playing? Or are we learning?

Centers in my class may look like "free play," but they are much more than that! While I assign the students a center, they get to pick many options within that center. This, to them, is playing! But I assure you, as you'll see in the pictures below, their "play" is full of learning.

  • Puzzles are great for problem solving success. They can choose from little individual puzzles or great big floor puzzles!
  • Easels bring out the fine-motor skills in drawing, reading skills in writing words, and even patterns, which show up on our easel creations!
  • Little boxes are full of manipulatives. Some students will build, others will create. Some will sort by size and color. Others will extend patterns with their blocks.
  • Magnets is a great place for the students to make their name, put letters together to form their sight words, sort letters by uppercase/lowercase, and so much more!
  • Theme Tub is full of fun for the month. This month there are a lot of number recognition games with ghosts and spiders (matching numbers to the ten frame), pumpkin matching, letter matching, puzzles, and much more.
  • Stencils (part of the handwriting center) is a new favorite. The students get to make a picture with their stencil. Then they add details to their drawing (sky, ground, trees, windows, etc.). Finally they either write the word from the stencil, or add that word to their sentence strips to create simple sentences such as "I see a ____," or "I have a ____."
  • Reading (& Sentence Strips) allows students to choose books they would like to practice. They might pick one of our "show-n-tell" stories with pictures from show-n-tell days. They might practice sight word flashcards while at this center. Some students just love to look at the Disney books, I Spy books, and other books purchased with our Scholastic points. If they are playing with sentence strips, they are matching numbers to their tallies/dice/number words. They might be completing the sentences from Brown Bear, Brown Bear using color words.
So as you can might feel like play, but our students are growing smarter and smarter each day, and having fun while doing it! I hope they tell you about these awesome experiences at home.

Fun Library Flex Lesson on Pumpkins!

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Spiders, Spiders, Not so Scary!

This week we learned all about spiders. We started the week off by asking "Are you afraid of spiders?" Then we learned about spiders, hoping to erase the fear from many students. Spiders are cool! Spiders are interesting! Spiders can be so much fun to learn about! Here are some of the activities we completed with spiders:
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Next Week's Show-n-Tell: Letter S!

"The Letter S Song" by
Learn The Letter S | Let's Learn About The Alphabet | Phonics Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann
ABC Song: The Letter S, "Say Yes To S" by StoryBots
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