Veteran's Day Appreciation

Room 9 Kids

Veteran's Day is a day to be thankful for ALL we have...

Our kids participated in learning a bunch about Veteran's Day, creating art and goodie bags for Veterans at the Veteran's Hospital in La Jolla, and they created a keepsake for their Memory Books. I will share their writing with you during conferences. After a few days, and sharing writing and ideas, the kids wrote very sweet and appreciative thoughts. I was really impressed at what they walked away knowing. Below are pictures from the making of the sweet projects to taking everything to the Veteran's Hospital on Tuesday afternoon.

It was very touching for the kids and moms... and the Veterans we passed and brought smiles and goodness to. I left feeling very full of heart and love in my memory. The girls will share their experience on Friday when I return to the classroom. I will be out tomorrow to do assessments with the kids.

Room Moms... you rock!! THANK YOU for letting my passion stream through you and completing this project from beginning to end. I appreciate all of your effort... and it was a lot. :)