Jackson; Good?..Or Bad?

Debate If Jackson Is A Fair Man, Or Some Nut.

Spoils System

Spoils System; The Spoils System Was A Way Of Thinking That If You Supported The Winning Presidential Candidate, You'd Be Given A Gift Of Some Sorts.

You'd Be Given A Job, Most Likely One That Was At The White House, Or Even Just A Simple Job. Some People Loved The Spoils System, While Others Did Not. The Ones That Did Not Favor This System Were People That Voted For The Other Candidates, Most Of The Original Workers Working At The White House,Lost Their Jobs Because Of It.

Indian Removal Act

The Indian Removal Act; The Indian Removal Act Would Be Somewhat Of A Trade, A Trade In Which The Indians Would Give Up Their Land To The American Men, And Move Some Place Else. The Americans Wanted This Land To Increase The Size Of America. And Since Gold Was Discovered On Some Land Not Long Before That, They Want To Search Their Land For It Aswell

Killing The National Bank

Killing The National Bank; This Is The Time When Andrew Jackson Got Rid Of The National Bank. He Thought It Was Unfair, And Only Helped The Wealthy. He Got Rid Of It To Help With His Nickname, "Common-man". While Some, If Not Most Supported This Idea, Not Everyone Wanted To Get Rid Of It.

Perspective 1: Cherokee Indian

Negative: "Really?...Yeah, The Indian Removal Act Is No Joke, And It Wasn't Good Either. I Don't Understand Why We Have To Give Up Our Land To The Americans! We Settled This, And We Even Listened To Their Namby-Pamby "Rules". We Became Christians, We're Keeping Peace And We're Not Disturbing Any Of Them!!"

Perspective 2: Northerner

Positive: "This Is Great! Because Mr.Jackson Got Rid Of The Useless Garbage Heap Called The "National Bank" We'll Finally Be Receiving Fair Help! More People And Money Will Help Us "Common-man"! Heck, Even Andrew Himself Is A Common-man, This Is Perfect!"
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"The Rats Leaving A Falling House"

This Political Cartoon Is Depicting The Fall Of The National Bank. The Rats In The Front Represent Some Men Who Worked There.

The Rats Named From Left To Right:

*Secretary Of War; John H. Eaton

*Secretary Of Navy: John Branch

*Secretary Of State; Martin Van Buren (His Rat Is Having His Tail Stepped On)

*Secretary Of Treasury; Samuel D. Ingram