The Final Countdown

Europe - The Final Countdown

*Last Local Committee Meeting

Our last meeting of this semester will take place this coming Thursday 20 December at 6pm at the AIESEC Office.

On the agenda: recap of what happened this semester, brief of what will happen next semester and some recognitions.

After the meeting we will have some drinks at the office to celebrate our success and have a last blast before the exams. We will thereafter go for some karaoke at O'reilly's Nua - we hope that you can join us.

*AIESEC HUB - Quality Survey !!!

As communicated during the last LC Meeting it is mandatory to fill in the Quality Survey of AIESEC HUB. It is very important and the purpose of the survey is to improve all of our experiences as members of AIESEC HUB.

If you haven't done so yet please take 5 minutes of your time to fill it in with the link provided here.

Ignore this email if you have already filled in the paper version of the survey.