Mesoamerican & Chinese Project

By: Shouq Alanazi

The Mayans Civilization/Culture

The Mayans live in Mexico into Northern Central America. The Mayans loved art because it was part of their culture and their religion they carved stone slabs which are called steles and a lot of things they used wood, bark, feather, and gourds which made their art and that's the culture of the Mayans.

The Mayans Inventions

Mayans invented worked with numbers so they invented mathematics.

Mayans also had to keep track of the days and times so they invented a calendar system.

Mayans invented writing too so that they can write the days in the calendar system they invented. The inventions helped the Mayans advance because now everyone around the world know how to write and that's how the Mayan inventions got popular.

The Aztecs Civilization/Culture

The Aztecs live in Southern Mexico the Aztecs are known for the most powerful mesoamerican civilization. The Aztecs prayed for thousands of gods they believe in many religions and beliefs they really don't have one specific culture because they believe in many different ones that's the last of the Aztec culture.

The Aztecs Inventions

The Aztecs invented the calendar wheel which is similar to the Mayans.

Another interesting invention is the Aztecs invented popcorn.

also another interesting invention is the Aztecs invented a spicy hot chocolate drink. The inventions helped the Aztecs advance what they invented because now people eat popcorn and it's really popular also the Mexicans drink the spicy hot chocolate.

The Incas Civilization/Culture

The Incas live in South America, Peru they are the civilization that invented a lot of interesting inventions. The Incas culture is their empire which is very different from the Mayan, & Aztecs culture because they believe in a very different culture but in a good way and that's all about the Incas culture
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The Incas Inventions

The Incas invented buildings and houses.

The Incas also invented a network of roads but they didn't invent roads.

Another, invention of the Incas is they invented instruments.

The Incas inventions are advanced because people use instruments for music.

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The Farming Methods of the Mayan, Aztec, & Inca civilization

  • The farming method of the Mayans is called slash-and burn it helped the Mayans burn and cut down trees of the forest.
  • The farming method of the Aztecs is called chinampa it helped the Aztecs grow crops.
  • The farming method of the Incas is called chaki taklla it helped the Incas grow crops too.

The Chinese Inventions

The Chinese invented collar harnesses so the horses can carry heavy loads.

Another invention the Chinese invented is silk they used silk to make their own clothes out of them.

Also the Chinese invented paper to write.

The Chinese inventions are popular now because Chinese people use silk to make things out of them.