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Dog put down by one shot atticus finch.Heroic effort!

Yesterday a rabies-infected dog was shot atrociously by one shot Atticus finch. Atticus Finch was a shooting prodigy when he was a young boy. He has not shot a gun in 30 years but he has retained his deadeye talents. This is shown when he mustered all the courage and bravery to step up and fearlessly eliminate the dog. Even in Atticus advanced years he still managed to shoot the dog.Atticus finch is a local lawyer who works in an dingy office.Heck tate said”

How it Happened

Eyewitness Staments

Jem: Atticus mustered up courage and shot the dog."Atticus is a gentlemen just like me "

Scout: Atticus showed a rare and hidden talent.That he could shoot a gun and i thought he was jus a feeble old man.

Calpurina: The dog was acting strange sniff in some pole,was twitching as well.At once i knew it was a mad dog,alerted the townsfolk and police."Get me on the phone to atticus"

Heck:I knew atticus was a rare breed of men who could shoot like a deadeye he shoot bulls eye.I entrusted him my gun and he performed very well.He said "you know i can't shoot very well this is a one shot job"

Miss Maude: Back in Atticus's day he was the one shot boy this is why is was very confident in his shooting talents.He has retained some of his prolific talents attribtues."He is one of the men that does not take pride in his god-given talents"