About Me

Max Niemann


I like Drawing and Reading

I do not like Writing

I am good at Drawing

I am not good at Social Studies

I am good at Math, but I don't like it

I am not good at Social Studies, but I like it


I like Football, Soccer, Baseball, and Basketball

I do not like Golf

I am good at Soccer

I am not good at Bowling

I am good at Golf, but I don't like it

I am not good at Bowling, but I like it

I prefer to be in group activities

Relationships with Friends and Adults

I am generally well liked

I have a group of friends

I am not a leader or follower

I prefer people who like different things

I have the support of a group of peers

Food Prefrences

I like to eat Lasagna

I don't like to eat Pickles

I do eat a well balanced diet


I relax by Drawing and Video Games

I like relaxing alone