Happy Holidays!!

Tis the season...

Happy Whatever-you-are-celebrating!!! I wish all of you wonderful and healthy holidays!

For those of you who didn't see it on Facebook, I just celebrated all of YOU with my 8 Crazy Nights of Chloe + Isabel Giveaways!! On each night of Hanukkah, after we lit the menorah at my house, I did a drawing with givaways galore for all of my customers and supporters as a Thank You for being so awesome!!!

Shout out to my big winners.... Cindy Klotzman, Lisa Friedlander, Heather Greenberg, Mealanie Close, Janine Lydic, Brittany Roth, Denise Suglia & Nancy Haimes! Mazel Tov ladies!

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NEW PRODUCTS: Welcome Midnight Palace AND home + beauty!!

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Tera Gross, Merchandiser

Want to see something in person? Shop my home boutique in Solon. Bring your little black dress and we'll get you all blinged out for your cocktail party!!