Miss Niedringhaus February 16, 2016


2-19-16: Spelling Test Week 21

This week we will be starting Unit 5!

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Unit 5

Through an extensive author study using the work of Patricia Polacco, students will write a narrative piece of writing that is taken through the writing process. Students’ narrative writing will include using dialogue, constructing paragraphs, developing leads, and taking a writing piece completely through the publishing stage. Students will strengthen their narrative piece through revision focusing on adding details, adding dialogue, developing leads and closings, while staying on topic. During reading, students will get to explore a variety of texts written by Patricia Polacco to learn how stories are organized, investigate the use of dialogue, and describe how characters respond in a story. Students will compare and contrast various aspects of the stories.


Reader’s Workshop

Students will:

· Describe the overall structure of a story.

· Ask and answer questions about a text.

· Use various text features.

· Determine the central message of a story.

· Describe how characters respond to major events (problem/solution).

· Use information from text to understand characters, setting, and plot.

Writer’s Workshop

Students will:

· Write narrative text.

· Gather ideas for writing.

· Draft a narrative text with a beginning, middle, and end.

Spelling/Phonics: Vowel –r: war

war, ward, warden, warfare, warmer, warms, warned, warning,

warns, warp, warpath, wart, warthog, award, forewarn, swarm

Vocabulary: narrative, personal, precious

Text: Fire Talking, The Keeping Quilt, Babushka’s Doll, Thunder Cake, Some Birthday

Math: Topic 11: Three-Digit Addition and Subtraction

Lessons Include: Exploring Adding Three-Digit Numbers

Mental Math

Estimating Sums

Models for Adding with Three-Digit Numbers