Death of Marilyn Monoroe

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Background information

Marilyn Monroe was born as Norma Jeana Mortenson. She was born in Los Angeles, California on June 1st, 1926. She was famous and known for being an actress who singed with 20th century fox in the year 1944. Monroe overcame a very difficult life as a child to become one of the worlds biggest sex symbols. Unfortunately Monroe's life was cut short she died on " self- administered overdose of sedative drugs, on August 5, 1962." An empty bottle of pills was found next to her were she was found unresponsive.
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Media Perspective #1

Marilyn was known for her glamorous life. The media portrayed her to be all about red carpet gorgeous expensive gowns and jewelry. She was almost considered to be "perfect" every woman wanted to be like her. Her hair was the ultimate hairstyles ,most young ladies wished they had. Her body structure intimidated other woman who did not look like her because the media portrayed her to be a goodness which brought out the insecurities in other women.

Media Perspective #2

Aside from this extraordinary life that Marilyn lived on the outside she had a very secretive personal life that no one really knew. Monroe suffered from heartache and neglect which could be traced back from her early childhood. As a child who lived in foster homes for a long period of her life she was abused by males at a very young age which has an impact to how she interacted with men as she grow up. Being known for her glamorous body and life style most youth specifically girls looked up to being like her, but the media portrayed her to be a bad influence to the younger generation because of the way she carried her self around men. She was the type of lady who had men turned their heads to get a second look at her beauty. She was married three times in her lifetime of which none of them lasted more than 4 years which gives you an idea of the how she had a hard time to committing to real love.
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Media Bias

The media portrayed Marilyn's lifestyle as the independent powerful successful woman. Her brief life was very busy she never really had time to step back and live her life. She lived a life to maintain her reputation as well and to impress the media. Marilyn life in general was controlled by so many outside factors, and not by herself. I believe she was exhausted of been such a public figure that everyone paid so much attention to her that she couldn't bare the pressure to me "Miss Perfect. She suffered depression, and at some point she got so frustrated with the way her life was leading and she couldn't reverse it and decided to take pills in excess to claim her own life.

Historical criticism

In order for one to understand media's depiction of Marilyn in the time ear she lived you first have to understand the gender roles women played in the fifties and sixties. Both the 1950s and 1960s were a time when women’s femininity and traditional gender roles were stressed beyond all else and Marilyn didn't necessarily express the moral roles women were expected to carry out. She was just a different unique individual who didn't follow everyone's footsteps. Monroe played a huge role in the 1950s because she well known by everyone and that's what makes her important.
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Feminist criticism

The way Marilyn carried herself in public brought about a lot of controversy in the society especially towards women. Most women disapproved of the way she presented herself as as whole because it was in a very provocative way. Being known as the "sex symbol" of the century contradicted her role as a public figure to empower women. She represented strong willed women who've been abused and used in the past, but still made something positive out of themselves. Although she suffered abuse by men and was criticized by many she still was able to dominate a strong identity in society.
The Marilyn Monroe Story - A Life of Love, Glamour and Darkness Autobiography