Principal's Corner #26

April 3, 2020

Update from Superintendent Dr. Scott Siegfried on coronavirus closure

COUGAR STAFF SHOUT OUTS (some are a little outdated :))

  • To Sarah Hammershaimb, thanks for being so great to work with. My kids love Digital Media, and I love doing yearbook with you!

From Rebecca Buell

  • To Darren Gaines, thank you for being so flexible and switching conference times with me!!!!

From Nicole Hargreaves

  • To everyone who helped make mandatory handwashing between recess and lunch successful. Special shout outs to: Ken for working hard to make sure our soap and paper towel dispensers remain well stocked, our fantastic team of paras for planning ahead to organize smaller group entry into the building, and the kindie team and any other teachers who sacrificed some of their lunch time to help with the process

  • To Lisa Gelwick and Ann Litschewski for volunteering their classrooms to use for CMAS training
  • To the fourth grade team for an awesome job of collaborating and innovating on their multicultural country projects that combined, writing, art, and technology.

From Alison Berner

  • TO ALL OF YOU! I appreciate your positive attitudes, encouragement and dedication. We've managed to pull off online learning in 4 days. I have been so impressed with your collaboration. We will continue to monitor and adjust as we get through the remainder of this year. Know I am humbled and proud to be your principal.

From Katie Johnson

Cougar Staff Shout Out: CLICK HERE

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I will be scheduling interviews throughout the week of April 13th. The team meetings I have scheduled will be canceled Monday, April 13, Wednesday, April 15 and Thursday, April 16th.

If you are interested in participating in the interview process, please complete this Google from by 4:00pm Wednesday, April 8th. From there, I will notify you all of the interview committees.

Videos Online - ie. YouTube.

During our online learning experience, we need to remain COPAA compliant. Access to certain technology platforms are limited because of security and student safety concerns.

As we move forward, YouTube should not be used as a way to share instructional videos.

Kids are not allowed to access YouTube at school due to various COPPA requirements and we need to maintain the same expectation with their remote learning.

If you are providing video lessons, please upload them to Google Drive and share them out. Screen Castify, WE video, ZOOM and using the video on your Surface PRO are all options.

Quick how to videos are available in the CCSD Digital Learning tile in

Following this guideline is essential in keeping our kids safe online.

Virtual "face time" Update

When our leadership team originally came up with the idea to record and post our virtual meetings, it was intended to provide an equitable opportunity for all students to participate. However, upon further discussions, we will no longer be recording and/or posting these meetings. Please remove/delete any that you have already recorded/posted. The privacy of our students is a priority. We will continue to learn and adjust, and as always, I appreciate your patience, grace and support during this time.

COVID-19 Reporting Diagnosis

If you have been diagnosed either by a test or by a provider but are NOT hospitalized please call Tri County Health Department at 303-220-9200 to report your diagnosis. This is for two reasons: so an epidemiologist can talk with you about possible exposures and communicating with people you came in contact with AND so there is more accurate overall reporting for our county and state.

Please include the following in your weekly communication

The CCSD Healthline is available to in-district families between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, during the statewide school closure. Families can call 720-554-HLTH (4584) to speak with a Cherry Creek Schools registered nurse or mental health professional. They can help provide general information regarding healthcare and mental health referrals, national and local COVID-19 guidance, as well as information about Safe2Tell, Arapahoe County Department of Human Services concerns, and CCSD's free breakfast and lunch distribution.

If you call the CCSD Healthline outside of the hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, you can leave a message. But if your need is urgent, please call 911 or your healthcare provider.

Instructional Excellence – I-Ready Information Memo

Dear Educator,

Due to an unprecedented volume of teachers assigning i‑Ready lessons this week, we have experienced an increased length of time before Teacher-Assigned Lessons appear for students. At times, there is a lag between the intended available date for lessons and when students see the lesson, but all lessons will appear for students.

If you have assigned a lesson but it has not yet appeared for students, please do not cancel and reassign. The lesson is still in process and will appear shortly. Reassigning may result in duplicate lesson assignments for students.

Our teams are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and have implemented several fixes. There may continue to be intermittent delays, but we are closely monitoring the situation. To improve the flow of assignments, we temporarily removed the ability to set an available date for a lesson for Today. This means that all lesson assignments will need to be entered at least one day in advance.

To allow for the best experience for all students, we recommend the following best practices for assigning Teacher-Assigned Lessons:

Plan out assignments ahead of time. Instead of assigning your Teacher-Assigned Lessons right before students will need them, try to plan ahead by a few days or a week at a time, and set your available date to the day before your students need the lesson.

Spread your available dates out as much as possible. We do not recommend having all your assignments available on the same day of the week. Instead, make a few lessons available each day throughout the week.

We know you are relying on i‑Ready to help you through this challenging time, and we are working to mitigate this issue as swiftly as possible. In these uncertain and stressful times, we are inspired by the work we see educators doing every day to ensure learning continues outside of school. We are committed to supporting you in your remote learning efforts.


The i-Ready Team