05/27/21 Academic Affairs Brief

Faculty & Academic Staff Email Updates Weekly

This Brief Includes:

  • Building Community this Summer
  • The Library is Open
  • Reminder: Champlain College Experiential Learning Institute Next Week
  • Fall Faculty Zoom Licenses
  • Zoom Recordings - Please Clear Your Old Recordings


Our goal for a return to campus is to recreate community at Champlain and support the reopening of our campus for students in the Fall. We are planning for employees who work in the summer to return to campus starting July 6th. If you are vaccinated and would like to return earlier, please be aware of the information below.

As we begin to transition back to campus-based work here are a few reminders:

  • TESTING & VACCINATION: Complete the vaccination attestation form; this will be used to reactivate IDs. Employees who fill out this form will not need to participate in the testing pool. Those not vaccinated will need to be tested and part of the weekly testing program. The college has not made a decision about requiring vaccines from employees.

  • MASKING: Masks must continue to be worn indoors and outside, consistent with our existing protocols; we will keep the community informed if changes are made.

  • TECHNOLOGY/OFFICE SUPPLIES: If you brought technology (ie monitors, docking stations, etc)/office supplies (office chairs, phones, etc.) home upon going remote, those technology/office supplies will need to return.

  • FACILITIES: Campus facilities are being assessed for a full campus return in July.

  • WELL-BEING: We are working on well-being initiatives and engagement opportunities to support employees in this transition and to rebuild connections.

  • VACATION: Take your vacations; it is important for us all to take breaks this summer.

We have a return-to-campus committee in place and will be communicating more details on our plans in the weeks to come.


The library is open to vaccinated individuals and those in the testing pool! Need a quiet place to work? Looking for some great books to read on vacation? In search of resources for your summer professional development? We're here!

The physical library is open 9 am - 5 pm Monday-Friday, and the online library is available 24/7! Not ready to come in yet? No problem! We're still offering contactless checkout whenever the library is open. Get in touch! We're here to help, and we'd love to hear from you.


We invite faculty and staff to participate in the Experiential Learning Institute—a pilot summer learning community that will function as a professional development workshop series for the Champlain teaching community. This Institute will run from 1:00-5:00pm, June 1st to 4th.

Each day will include open discussion on a variety of topics led by Champlain faculty and staff offered through a mixture of in-person and remote formats, as well a workshop which will run over the course of the 4 days for participants who want to join a learning community designed to explore, create, and assemble local experiential learning resources based on the theme "The 15-Minute City." We hope this theme serves as inspiration for faculty/staff to re-learn our campus and local community as we look towards an in-person fall semester. Participants may opt-in for some or all of the Institute's offerings. If attending in person, participants must be vaccinated and have completed the Vaccination Attestation Form. For questions about your eligibility to come to campus without vaccination please contact Danelle Berube (dberube@champlain.edu).

Look for a complete schedule, as well as a final RSVP form, in your in-box on Friday.


The college will return to classroom-based instruction in the fall semester and therefore we will not be renewing faculty Zoom licenses. Current Zoom licenses will end on August 15th, therefore Zoom will continue to be available for anyone teaching during the summer terms.

Google Meet, which has much parity in functionality with Zoom, will still be available for all Faculty and Staff. If a faculty member has a specific need for a Zoom license we ask that you first discuss this need with your Dean, and if approved we will work with IS to reactivate the account in August.


The College has limited storage in Zoom Cloud for recordings and is currently out of space. There is an easy way for you to adjust the settings in Zoom to only store recordings for an appropriate amount of time.

1. Go to your zoom settings: https://zoom.us/profile/setting?tab=recording

2. On the recording tab, adjust the "Auto delete cloud recordings after days" settings.

3. Turn the feature on.

Big picture

If you use Panopto Video in Canvas and your Zoom recordings are going to Panopto, adjust the setting in Zoom to delete the recordings from the Zoom Cloud to something short like 10 days. Our Panopto video integration with Zoom means that your Panopto account should have a copy of Zoom cloud recordings (they are private to you by default). If you need a recording, please look in Panopto Video.

If you don't use Panopto and your Zoom recordings are being shared directly with students, through the Zoom cloud adjust your time to 120 days. This will provide enough time that the recordings are available throughout the semester with some extra time in case you want to review an in-class recording at a later date.

If you have questions or need support please contact champsupport@champlain.edu or jblumberg@champlain.edu


  • 08/30 - Classes Begin

  • 08/30-09/03 - Add/Drop Period

  • 10/11-10/12 - Fall Holiday

  • 10/25-11/5 - Registration for Spring

  • 11/12 - Last Day to Withdraw from a class

  • 11/24-11/26 - Thanksgiving Break

  • 12/13-12/17 - Finals Week

  • 12/20-1/16 - Winter Break