By:Catherine Pawlowski

Career Description

Animators create animation and visual effects for television,movies,video games,and other forms of media

Duties & Responsibilities

Create graphics and animation using computer programs and illustrations.

Work with a team of animators and artists to create a movie or game

Research upcoming projects to help create realistic animations

Develop storyboards that map out key scenes in animation

Edit animations based on feedback from directors,other animators,game designers and clients

Meet with clients,other animators,game designers,directors, and other staff to review deadlines and development timelines.

Job Outlook

It will increase by 6%, which is slower than average.

Salary and Work Environment



Lowest earned:34,860

Highest earned:113,470

Work Environment:

Most multimedia artists and animators work a regular work schedule,although it is not unusual for them to work 50 hours a week.When deadlines are approaching,they may work nights and weekends.

Percentage of Animators in certain areas:

Motion pictures:13%

Computer systems design and related services:6%

Software publishers:5%

Advertising,public relations,and related services:4%

Animation Careers : Career Options for Animators

Education Requirements

Typically have a bachelors degree in fine art,computer graphics,animation,or a related field.

Often require drawing and film classes.

Good Portfolio of work and technical skills

Related Courses & Experience

Related Courses at Leyden:

Animation & Motion Graphic,Graphic Design,Video Game Design

Extracurricular activities:

Art Club,App Developers Club