The War of 1812

By: Ryan Herman

Causes of the war

One of the causes of the war was impressment, meaning British were holding American sailors captive and those who attempted to escape were brought back. This angered American citizens and outraged congress. They knew it had to stop.

Another big deal was the land that we had purchased from France was inhabited by Native Americans. We drove them off the land to make room for the over-population in the United States. Britain saw this and noticed the Natives disliked the Americans as well, so the two formed an alliance.

Back to our second thought of over-population, we needed the land, but we WANTED too much land. We even wanted Canada! The funding for the Louisiana Purchase was meant for recruiting and training troops in case Britain was to stir up another conflict.

Andrew Jackson: Anticlimactic War Hero

Importance of Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson, along with his 'ghetto' army had not gotten the message that the Treaty of Ghent was already signed; ending the war. At the time, he was participating in the Battle of New Orleans which he won against big odds, not in his favor. He became a war hero and is later elected the 7th President of the United States.

Effects of the War of 1812

The effects of the war were overall positive, excluding impressment still active (even though that was one of the main reasons we declared war). For one, American patriotism was increased, meaning Americans can say that they are a strong, independent nation that they can be proud of. The morale was boosted throughout the United States.

Now that the United States is independent, they continued/started to expand manufacturing, and that led to big things in American innovation such as the Industrial Revolution. Including the invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney, which skyrocketed the United States economy.

The British were sort of defeated, and once they knew they couldn't get all the way through, they disbanded their alliance with the Natives. Now the Natives didn't have any land due to the Louisiana Purchase and the United States being independent. This resulted in the Natives having weakened resistance.