Hostess Visuals Help!

Show your Hostess exactly what she can get...

Create a Visual Board of FREE O2 just for Hosting a JB

Most people are visual learners. They won't read most information in detail. They skim the main words and move on.

As we know our Hostess Exclusive and Incentives how can we help them see that?

Create Visual Board Reflecting this:

Show your Hostess and Guests what they can get with a

$1200.00 JB

* Hostess Exclusive FREE ($158.00 value) *

* 6 Half Price Items. (example below) *Cost at 50% OFF is $73.00 ($146.00 Value)

  • Large Chocolate Crystal LL
  • Large Silver Crystal LL
  • Large Gold LL
  • 24-26" Rose Gold Chain
  • 18-20" Silver Rolo Chain
  • 32" Gold Flat Oval Chain

*$260.00 in FREE Origami Owl (example below)

  • 3 Large Plates (shown in each color)
  • Medium Plate
  • Owl Dangle
  • Large Black Quadrafoil Dangle
  • Silver and Gold Victorian Key Dangle
  • Teal Faceted Dangle
  • Double Angel Wing Dangle
  • Silver Locket Extender
  • Medium Silver Locket
  • Mini Silver Crystal LL
  • 30" Ball Chain
  • I AM-Tag
  • 3 Crystal Elements
  • 12 Charms......................................................there cost $1.00

So what is the Total Cost for your Hostess?

They Spent $74.00 (plus tax) and received $565.00 worth of Origami Owl!!!