Twitter for Beginners

Discover what the world of education is tweeting about.


Twitter is having a epic impact on the education profession! Teachers who have been bit by the Twitter bug are using it to share resources, participate in weekly chats, and build their personal learning network. Students are using it to communicate with authors, state reps, and other students around the world.
Today we will:
  1. Create Twitter account
  2. Add profile picture
  3. Add profile description Ex: Husband, History Buff, SS Educator
  4. Find people to follow Ex: colleagues, NISD schools, products, etc.
  5. Retweet something you agree with
  6. Reply to something you want to comment on
  7. Post an original thought to #NISDiLearn and #nisdpalooza13

The Honest to Goodness Beginner's Guide to Twitter for Teachers
Twitter Video for Teachers

Share your Twitter handle here and discuss a hashtag that interests you. (Padlet)

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