Geometry Centroid Prodject

By: Michael Atkiels

Centroid problem

Mike wants a house that is 2/3 of the whole distance away from these three locations (points) around him. The locations are the barber shop, the t-mobile store, and the public beach. Where would Mikes house be if he is at the centroid of the given triangle?


The lengths from the barbershop to the t-mobile store is 6 and one eighth miles. From the barbershop to the public beach is 7miles. The t-mobile store is 6 and one half miles away from the public beach.

Barbershop= point D

T-mobile store =point E

Public beach = point F


Midpoint of DE = B

Midpoint of EF = C

Midpoint of DF = A

AE=5 1/4 miles

BF=6 miles

DC=5 3/4 miles

The answer would be?

Michaels house would be:

3 and 1/2 mile away from the t-mobile store

4 miles away from the public pool

3 and 5/6 miles away from the Barber shop