STAAR Testing Meeting

JSTEM Academy 7th Grade March 21, 6:00-7:00


NIcole Taguinod - JISD Director of Testing and Accountability

Meghann Latimer - ELAR Teacher

Russell Baskin - Math Teacher

Dana Rine - Counselor

Dawn Worley - Director

Important Testing Dates

  • Tuesday, March 29 - Writing (regular 7th grade exam)
  • Wednesday, March 30 - Math (8th grade Exam)
  • Tuesday, May 10 - Reading (regular 7th grade exam)
  • Wednesday, May 11 - Science (8th Grade Exam)

Preparing for the Test

Helping your child prepare for test day - Mrs. Rine
  • Do something fun, enjoyable, or relaxing with your child the night before and ensure that they get a good night's rest.
Notes of Encouragement - Mrs. Latimer
  • Write a note of encouragement on some stationary (or write an e-mail) and send back to Mrs. Latimer. She will give it to your child on the morning of the test. You can also write a note for math day as well.

After Testing

  • Students that do not pass the STAAR exam will still be able to take ALGEBRA 1, but will be in an elongated class (advisory/period 1), which could effect their elective classes.
  • JSTEM Academy test scores will be combined with Judson MS for accountability.
  • Test results will come at the end of the year. If you know your child's unique access code, located on the bottom of the student's STAAR report ( you can reference previous reports), then you can access the results on-line, as soon as they are released.

Next Year

  • Students will be enrolled in Algebra 1, and Biology. Both of these courses require End of Course Exams which are taken the first week of May.
  • Grades earned in these 2 classes will affect the overall GPA in high school, and will count toward graduation requirement.
  • Additionally, grades earned in any other high school credit class will affect overall GPA.
  • Students will also take the U.S. History and ELAR STAAR Exams.
  • FInally, the STEM elective will be Computer Science.