What is an AUP

acceptable use policy

Aup stands for acceptable use policy. when you sign the Aup you gain the privilege to get on the computer but you can not
give your password to anyone or
create or share computer virus or log onto another persons account or
You may NOT destroy another persons data or you can not get on anything bad or

Things you can't do on computers

  1. do not copy work and say it's yours
  2. don't get on violent websites
  3. don't destroy another persons data
  4. don't give your password to anyone
  5. never do anything to damage a computer
  6. no student is allowed to access someone's files
  7. you can not forward mean or offensive messages
  8. always give proper credit to the author for words and images included in your work
  9. noneducational games and personal use not allowed on school equipment
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