Special Edition C.O.P. Bracelet

Only the first 1000 customers receive this!


In celebration of our one millionth C.O.P. bracelet being purchased, we have come out with this unique special edition C.O.P. Bracelet, named the C.O.P. Bracelet Light. This new C.O.P. Bracelet has a unique feature, in addition to being tremendously lighter. You can open the stainless steel sector of the bracelet, point it to any inanimate object, and teleport it to any place you desire!

This Special Comes in 6 Colors, Along with original C.O.P. Bracelet V1 colors

Come to our Store, to recieve this

Out of the 1000 C.O.P. Bracelet Lights the first 200 will be given for free, while the rest will be only $99.

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C.O.P. Bracelet