Camp Invention is Back!

Haddonfield Summer Academy: July 11-14

Camp Invention – Epic Park Module – Epic Program (2016)

Epic Park

Children gear up and design zip lines, water flumes and hi-tech eco-gear! Ed Venture and Angel Investor need their help to develop the latest and greatest tourist attraction because the dynamic duo just purchased Epic Park, located on a beautiful island filled with rainforest areas, waterfalls, sandy desert stretches, steep cliffs and rolling hills that all lead down to the ocean. Angel and Ed—who happen to be crazy about all things adventurous—are looking for innovative thinkers to team up and pitch their most cutting-edge designs for the future of Epic Park.

Participants will sketch up their best blueprints and clean green energy designs that will win over Angel and Ed for the chance to be Epic Park co-owners and operators all while exploring principles of entrepreneurship and physics.

In Epic Park™ children will:

  • Design tree houses that integrate simple machines
  • Discover Epic Park’s ecological diversity and unique terrain
  • Build prototypes and models of innovative eco-adventures
  • Pitch their Epic Park models for the chance to be co-owners by creating a commercial
Camp Invention – CrickoBot Module – Epic Program (2016)


In CrickoBot, children will make and adopt their very own DIY robotic cricket powered by the sun! Your child will create cricket-inspired inventions and outsmart motorized spider predators, build cricket-sized tire swings and trampolines and explore the science of sound by investigating how crickets chirp. Friends challenge one another to a Chirp-Off, where they play their musical instrument inventions.

CrickoBot merges STEM concepts and real-world challenges as children explore biology and use their own ideas to create new insect-inspired innovations.

In CrickoBot™ children will:

  • Power a circuit using solar energy
  • Explore biology and the unique characteristics of crickets
  • Engineer inventions inspired by a cricket’s unique abilities to shed their exoskeleton, create sound and jump great distances
  • Design cricket and spider bots that move using a vibrating motor and counter balance
  • Utilize the concepts of physics and motion to produce cricket-sized inventions.
Camp Invention – I Can Invent: Maker Studio Module – Epic Program (2016)

I Can Invent: Maker Studio

Your child will repower the motors, gears, lights, fans and components found in broken machines to make their own innovations in the Maker Studio!

If inspiration is needed, children can spin the Inventor Challenge Wheel to hear a video challenge from National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees and Collegiate Inventors Competition Finalists and Winners. Everyone spends time exploring the science of 3D printing and tinkering with circuits to get their wheels turning in a new direction as they prepare to make The Next Big Thing!

In I Can Invent: Maker Studio™ children will:

  • Exercise authentic STEM exploration as they apply reverse engineering to disassemble broken appliances and redesign them into prototypes
  • Express ideas through writing and sketching in their Inventors Log
  • Use creativity, innovation, design engineering and design thinking to engage in problem-based learning
  • Increase their understanding of the value of Intellectual Property and the roles that patents, trademarks and copyrights play in the landscape of innovation

Dates: July 11-14

Time: 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Location: Haddonfield Middle School

Who: For children entering grades 1 through 6

How to Register???

Please register your child(ren) through the Camp Invention website,

Or you can call Camp Invention at 1-800-968-4332.