Your apartment is online!

61 Brougham St, Geelong

Welcome to the online resident community.

61 Brougham St has its own facebook site. This site will provide a single place where apartment residents can find information, socialise or discuss issues related to apartment living.

  • Participate in Discussions.
  • Got something to sell or give away, just post an ad.
  • Check for upcoming events or submit a community event and let everyone know about it.
  • Check the latest community news.
  • Its up and running, so join now!
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Follow these simple steps to join.

1. Log onto

2. Enter your details on the sign up form and click on the Sign Up button.

3. Once you are in facebook, you will asked to add friends etc. You can click on the "Skip" button if you want to add this information in later.

4. In the search box, enter "61 Brougham St".

5. You will see a page like the one shown above. Click on the "like" button.

If you are having difficulty, please email or call me on the contact details below.


Brougham Apartments Facebook Administrator