Napoleon is our mistake!

Old Major is our solution!

Old Major has "MAJOR" leadership skills

The real initiater is the Old Major, who was the animal who called together the farm animals in the barn to motivate them to protect their rights.. Old Major died after his rebellion speech and therefore was not on scene upon the actual moment of the animals' revolt. He did not witness Napoleon's rise to power and the reign of terror which followed. A wise and persuasive pig, old Major inspires the revolt with his rhetorical skill and ability to get the other animals to share his offense. When he announces that he wishes to share the contents of his strange dream with his companions, all the animals comply, demonstrating the great respect they have for such an important figure. His speech about the tyranny of man is notable for its methodical enumeration of man's wrongs against the animals. naming all of man's crimes, old Major provoke the other animals into planning the rebellion. His leading them in singing "Beasts of England" is another demonstration of his rhetorical skills, for after he teaches the animals the song about a world untainted by human hands, the animals sing it five times in succession.

The 7 Commandments

1. All animals are equal

2. No animal shall drink to be drunk

3. No animal shall kill another for personal reasons

4. Put others before you

5. You shall do for the better of everybody

6. Do not those who had betrayed

7. No animal shall steal

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Farm under "major" leadership

  • All will be educated.
  • All will work to keep the farm in good condition.
  • All will properly eat and exercise to keep our farm healthy.
  • If had gained in a fair way no one will take away.
  • Animals and the farm itself must be taken care of: if sick-treated, if dirty-washed, if broken-fixed.
  • Animals with good intentions are welcome.
  • All will work for no more then 8 hours.
  • Always have access to clean water for crops.
  • Use the windmill to bring electricity to the farm.
  • All must sleep for at least 9 hours.
  • All will be provided with comfort and warmth.

Napoleon? I think not

Old Major want empowerment of the animals while Napoleon seeks to control them. Old Major speaks of liberating notions on the farm when Napoleon speaks of a vision where his authority lies at the center. Napoleon is more concerned with ensuring Animalism benefits his control and his apparatus of power,

Operation "MAJOR" take over

Saturday, Dec. 31st, 11pm

Major Way

Sacramento, CA

  1. Since we all want an amazing year we will "peacefully" get rid of Napoleon right before it starts.
  2. Sneak in and tie up Napoleon.
  3. We will use and recreate some tortures we learned in Mr.Ortiz class.
  4. First we will place him in bucket with urine and swing a knife which will make him dive in each time.
  5. Then we will force him to eat rotten apples and do some exercises like stretching him out as hard as we can.
  6. Lastly we will dress him into a witch looking pig and let the dogs of the leash on him so he would run far away and would be terrified to come back to a farm like ours.
  7. Even if he would be able to run away from the dogs he would be so scared looking at him self and knowing that no one will ever respect or like him.(Obviously he stinks like urine, all stretched out looking like a live peace of bacon dressed in a creepy outfit)
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