Thirty-One Team Eason Newsletter

May/ June Newsletters

Team Sales, Highest Sales, Most Parties, $500+ parties, Submitted Parties

May Sales - $4874.50 June Sales - $4,854.00

Highest Sales

May - Teresa Eason - $1,932.00, Hilary Jones - $781.00

June - Teresa Eason - $1, 009.00, Joan Herrington - $964.00

Most Parties

May - Teresa Eason - 3, Joan Herrington - 3

June - Teresa Eason - 3, Joan Herrington - 4

$500+ Parties

May - Teresa Eason - $1932.00, Hilary Jones - $781, Joan Herrington - $712.50, Denise Vordermeier - $570

June - Teresa Eason - $1009.00, Lacey Dunn - $570, Kimberly Raper - $512, Joan Herrington - $964

Submitted Parties - May New Consultants - 0

Kimberly Raper

Hilary Jones

Kayla Clauss

Denise Vordermeier

Joan Herrington

Rosanna Ward

Submitted Parties - June New Consultants - 0

Teresa Eason

Lacey Dunn

Kimberly Raper

Hilary Jones

Melissa Gensler

Kayla Clauss

Allie Kimbrell

Joan Herrington

Rosanna Ward


Congratulations to Hilary Jones who is now a qualified consultant. Woot woot, Hilary.

Congratulations to Kimberly Raper who earned the title of the "great responder".

Congratulations to Carol Warhola who became the grandmother of twin girls.

Congratulations to Rosanna Ward who welcomed her baby daughter, Emily Ruth into the world

Independent Director

I am so honored to be your director. I initially wanted to earn extra money to pay my student loan. I didn't realize when I joined that I would recruit other consultants. Little did I know that I would meet many of you and become your director. I want more than anything for each of you to become directors (ultimately, SED, NED). I am learning so much everyday about direct sales. I feel that God has led me to Thirty-One. I know the potential of this business is great. I look forward to seeing phenomenal growth in the next few months. I want everyone to be a part of it.


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