Career Project

By Harry Pitts, 3/5/2016

What I chose?

I had for my Health career project, which was given to us as a stepping stone or idea of what we would like to become. I had to take a survey which would pick out would I would like to do. The questions wet along the lines of, would you lay bricks or do you play an instrument. Out of about 50 or so results I chose three. The ones that were picked out were Advertising and Promotional managers, which focused on advertisement for small businesses and small companies. The average thing a person will do in the day of this industry is design billboards, make ads for TV, consult with a client on what they want and work with different people like contractors to make things happen. Video Game designers which create code for video games and help design all the environment of the game(I was interested in this one because I love to play video games). They create game play for a game in a days work, the work environment is very could and you get to play video games a lot. I also had the opportunity to be a Security Manager, which is in charge of people who look after places and things. In a days work they are in charge of keeping things safe and out the hands of baddies. I decided to pick Advertising and Promotional Managers because I feel that really connected with me on a certain way because my mum was one, and I could ask her for advise.

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Why I chose this path and what I need?

Their many reasons why I chose to pursue this type of work, one being because my mum used to be in the industry. I feel she could give me a lot of advise on what the industry needs and wants and on mistakes she made so I wouldn't make them myself. Things I hope to achieve in a days work is maybe create a billboard or rhyming skit to achieve something for another company. There are main things needed to apply for this type of work, these being a 4 year undergraduate degree and at least one major in advertising, Business administry and economics


The college that mostly interests me is the University of California, Berkeley. I chose this because its the leading in the country that offers Marketing which i would major in. The university is based in California which is a big plus for me because I love the beach. For my graduate degree I plan to go to Leeds University in Leeds England, to get a degree in Marketing and Advertising. Personally I chose there because my family is very near and is were my dad went to school. Both these colleges are leading in the majors and degrees I need to pursue my dreams.

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Four Years with a $35752/year out of state tuition


Four years with a $10063/year living expenses


$183260 for a four year advertising degree at Berkeley University California


1 year with a 10000 pound fee of instate tuition

I would have to take out a big student loan of $200000, but Mangers get paid a lot

Same as citation on next paragraph

Job Outlook

The job market I plan to enter is Advertising, Promotional and Marketing managers. This outlook has 225200 jobs available to fill with people that have earned at least a bachelors degree. It pays very well with an average salary of $123450, which is very good to achieve my all time dream of becoming a millionaire. But for a first year employee is about $50000 salary. Many people mix this job up with people who do the drawings for the billboards, but actually this management career focuses on working with the client and testing with the public.

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I would love to work in this outlook or class of jobs, I find it very thrilling to see a client or peer get what he/she desires, and this happens everyday. Berkeley sounds great, it is the top college in the US for Marketing degrees, so is Leeds. My all time dream was to go to Stanford or Princeton, but those colleges don't offer the course I have o take.. The loan is very expensive, I would have to work in the industry for about 4-5 years to pay it off, but for the long run its a great investment. I love to work hard and help people be known thats why i feel this is a great degree for me.