Team Game Plan

February 4th - February 8th

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At Eastridge Elementary our mission is to develop a community of lifelong learners who will positively impact society.


75 instructional days to make an impact on student learning?


Staff Pledge:

"We recognize that the fundamental purpose of our school and the reason we come to work each day is to ensure all students learn at high levels. We Understand that helping all students learn requires a collective, collaborative effort rather than a series of isolated efforts. We will work in teams to inform and improve individual and collective practices and to better meet the needs of individual students through intervention and extension."


"Kids don't learn from people they think do not like them" ~ Dr. Tim Hanson

"Teach every child like you're their you are their last chance to succeed"

~Joe Turner

IREAD tutoring begins next week

Tutoring Guidelines

Please let me know if you are interested in Tutoring for IREAD. I currently have 4 tutors and need 6 more in order to keep the groups small. Tutoring will begin on February 11th and end on March 6th (Monday and Wednesday from 3:50PM - 4:50PM). Certified staff will make $27 dollars an hour. Classified staff will earn $12.50 an hour. All welcome!

Upcoming Dates...

February 4th-8th - Bookfair

February 5th - CogAT Testing (Kinder)

February 5th - Breakfast Club (Digging into Data--NSGRA/NWEA--you decide)

February 5th - PBIS Tier 1 (7:30AM - 8:30AM)

February 5th - Fire Drill

February 5th - Progress Reports due into Tyler

February 6th -Mid-CORE Store (during lunch periods)

February 6th - Late Start (Meeting in the Media Center - 8:20AM start time) Close Reading

February 7th - PLC Workshop (Johnson, Faust, Lambert, Ritchie --out all day)

February 8th - Grade Level NWEA Data Meetings

February 8th - 4th Grade Social Health Films (Group 1: 9:00-10:15 Group 2: 11:05-12:20)

February 8th - Progress Reports go home with students

February 8th - Sweetheart Dance (6:00PM - 8:00 PM)

February 11th-15th - CogAT Testing (1st Grade)

February 14th - NAEP Assessment (selected 4th graders)

February 15th - 2nd Bus Evacuation Drill ( Noel will send out instructions)

February 19th-22nd - Vision and Hearing Screenings

February 21st - Math Bowl Competition (Brookview Elementary @ 5:00PM)

Bulletin Boards all bulletin boards must be completed by the end of the day Friday, February 8th. I know several of you shared a need to have additional time due to students needing more time to finish work due to weather delays and school closure last week. The boards that are up look fantastic! Thank you for showcasing your students work! Much appreciated.
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Our PLC Journey...

The PLC process is a never-ending process in which educators commit to working together to ensure higher levels of learning for every student.

We will achieve this outcome by learning together about the best practices proven to increase student learning, applying what we have learned, and using evidence of student learning to make decisions and revisions in practice to help even more students learn at higher levels.

Four Critical Questions

  1. What do we want our students to know and be able to do?
  2. How will we know when they have learned it?
  3. What will we do when they haven't learned it?
  4. What will we do to extend the learning when they already know it?

When we meet in our collaborative teams, we will focus on these four critical questions.

Learning dates...

July 26th, we began our PLC journey by learning about the PLC process.

August 1st, we worked collaboratively to create our school mission

August 15th, you will work in your collaborative teams and establish team norms/commitments.

August 22nd, Wonders Q&A (Digging Deeper into the Curriculum)

August 29th, NWEA Data Dig

September 12th, Where are we going? Essential Skills and Unpacking the Standard

September 19th, we will look at ELA grade level standards and determine the 2 critical standards that each child will master before leaving your grade (NWEA DATA Dig, Curriculum Map, and Check+ standards)

September 26th, Begin the work of unpacking the standard and creating common assessments

October 24th, Continue the important work of creating common assessments

October 31st, Continue the important work of creating common assessments

November 28th, Vertical Alignment and continue the important work of creating common assessments

December 5th, I Can Statements

December 19th, Continue with I Can Statements

January 7th, Game Time Begins

January 9th, Game Time Resources

January 30th, NWEA Data Review (Focus on Question 3) (Cancelled due to weather)

February 4th - 7th, NWEA Data Review during team meeting (focus on grade level strengths and weaknesses)

IDOE Literacy Framework

I can statements Question Stems Academic Vocabulary

Reading Warehouse

Enter NSGRA information

School Functions

Please choose 2 events to attend each semester. Back-to-School Night and Parent/Teacher Conferences are mandatory events and do not count toward the 2 events each semester.

2018-2019 Building Hours

Please make sure you exit the building on time.

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