Dragster Project!

Mara Grasse


(1)Factors that are important are aerodynamics, speed, and friction.

(2) The best features of my car are the shape and the color.

(3) Something that will negatively affect it might be the wight.

(4) I think my car will go maybe about 20 mph. (Actual Speed= 39.36mph)


(1) Speed is rapidity of movement or action.

(2) Some factors are aerodynamics, shape, speed, ect.

(3) Modeling and prototyping helps with the development of products by it gives visuals and you can test if something works.


(1) I won my first race against Jenna Paul.

(2) I enjoyed making my dragster.

(3) I could have added more color to my dragster.

(4) My least favorite part was losing against Carson.