The Cutest Dog on Earth

The best dog you could ever have!

They Cutest Thing You Could Ever See!

If your looking for the cutest dog on earth, well start looking for the dachshund!

Best Buddy Ever!

Saturday, July 20th 2013 at 4pm

At my house

Scarlett was the best dog you could ever imagine! She loved people and loves to cuddle. Ever night she would try to get under the covers( and she did a good job of it!). She would get as close to you as possible under the covers and sleep till morning.

My Dogs Scheduale

At 6:30 she would wake us all up( which I personally did not enjoy). At 7:45 we would take her to school and she would always whine when I or my brother left. After me and my brother were at school she would annoy my mother with her barking and whining. Then my mother would chase her and get tired( it is not fun, but she goes crazy). After we came back she jumps into our arms and licks us, and gets us wet. Her slobber would get all over you and everyone would say, Eww! Even if she is pesky and sort of stubborn she is still the best animal or pet you could ever have!

Extra Info About the Best Dog in the World

My dog loves to cuddle, get you covered in slobber, play, and especially get on your nerves. She would always use her cute eyes to get out of every single mess. She has brown eyes and she is brindle sort of red and brown which is what color her coat is. Even if she gets me mad or gets me covered in slobber she will always be my best friend, ( even if she smells like skunk!)