Lawrence Massacre

A confederate victory and a tragic lose for the union army.


The Lawrence massacre took place in Douglas county, Kansas August 21, 1863.

What was the purpose of the Lawrence massacre?

The Lawrence massacre was a because of the jayhawkers and the red legs. These two groups were known for destroying farms and plantations that had slaves. This made the confederates mad so they attacked their town. There were 164 civilians killed and 40 confederate soldiers.
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Who lead the army?

The raiders were lead by Quantrill C William. The jayhawkers and the redlegs didn't have leader because they weren't together at the time so that's why they lost that battle.

Weapons used.

They used revolvers, knives, swords, rifles, and muskets. Very powerful weapons indeed.


During the battle they only used horses because it was just a surprise attack. That's why it's called the Lawrence Massacre and not a name like a battle.
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Medical care and living conditions

Many people were killed and its was very bloody some doctors were killed. So some people with big wounds died and the ones who lived were very lucky. The living conditions were normal because it was a surprise attack. People kept going on with their lives and they were just attacked.
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