The Bulldog Buzz!

Summer 2019 Edition!

How will you relax around the world to recoup & recharge your batteries?

Our Summer SEL Story is an #EverydaySEL Year-in-Review!

TY to Ms. Alleman's 3rd Graders for taking a moment to POP & share your talents!

Extended Year Program

Monday, July 8th, 8:30am to Thursday, Aug. 1st, 12:30pm

Bullock School

  • Our summer Special Education programming will run from Monday-Thursday between the dates listed above.

Summer Enrichment Program

Monday, July 8th, 8:30am to Thursday, Aug. 1st, 10:30am

Bullock School

  • Our summer Basic Skills programming will run from Monday-Thursday between the dates outlined above.

Gr1 Orientation

Wednesday, Aug. 28th, 10am-12pm

Bullock School

See below for your specific times.

  • 10:00 - Last Names A-G
  • 10:30 - Last Names H-M
  • 11:00 - Last Names N-S
  • 11:30 - Last Names T-Z

Bulldog Buddy/SEL Team Chat & Chew

Wednesday, Aug. 28th, 12pm

Media Center

  • Lunch will be served at noon
  • Please RSVP by 8/21 so we can make sure there is enough food

Glassboro Dyslexia Conference

Thursday, Aug. 29th, 8am

Glassboro High School

Teacher Inservice

Tuesday, Sep. 3rd, 8am

Glassboro High School

Teacher Inservice

Wednesday, Sep. 4th, 8am

Bullock School

Opening Day!

Thursday, Sep. 5th, 8am

Bullock School

  • Opening Day is a FULL day!

The Prinicpal's POV on...The Next Steps Forward in Guided Reading

Next year we will be going ALL IN on the "Next Steps Forward in Guided Reading" (#NSFinGR), so don't forget to bring your text to the beach with you! The required planning/pacing templates are attached to your "Summer Buzz" email along with the list of strategies. Also included is the required "grouping chart" that will be submitted with small group reading plans. See below for some important things to keep in mind as you unpack the planning tools...and as always, don't forget to share your thoughts throughout the summer via email, social media or during a Chat & Chew! THANK YOU for a fantastic school year and have a wonderful summer!

  • Strategy Focus: This should be determined based on the needs of each group and should come from Column 1 (Strategy) of the strategy sheet.
  • Comprehension Focus: This should be aligned to the "strategy focus" and should come from Column 4 (Comprehension Card) of the strategy sheet.
  • Discussion Prompt: This is where the F&P Continuum comes in! Day 1 should focus on within-the-text & Day 2 should focus on about/beyond-the-text. Don't forget that this must be student-centered and must include turn-talks.
  • Guided Writing: Your guided writing prompt should be similar to the prompts provided by the F&PBAS when we benchmark. This must be designed to support the Comprehension Focus of the current lesson.

For 1st Grade ONLY
: The regular planning templates must be utilized for all Tier 1 & Tier 2 students. We will be utilizing the RISE "intervention" planning tools for all Tier 3 students. This will be implemented in three, 20-minute small group reading sessions (Day 1: Read a New Book, Day 2: Phonics & Word Study, Day 3: Guided Writing).

For Basic Skills Teachers: We will be utilizing the RISE "intervention" planning tools for all BSI students. This will be implemented in two, 30-minute small group reading sessions (two RISE stations each day).

For 3rd Grade ONLY: We will be utilizing the RISE-UP template for heterogeneous skills groups. The standard "text band" templates will be utilized for homogeneous guided reading groups.

The Principal's Point of View

Click here to access my blog and learn more about the "Principal's Point of View" on all things ED related!

Words to Inspire...

News & Notes

The "BEST of" The Principal's POV 2018-19: Need to catch up on some of this year's articles? Looking for some bite-sized summer PD? Then look no further! Click through to reflect on some of our initiatives from the past school year that will we a focus for 2019-20!

  • Recess: In support of our #EverydaySEL initiative and in support of the new regulations set forth by the NJDOE, we will be focusing on providing more play-based options for students during recess. Click here to read more...and don't forget to start planning some fun student-centered activities & restorative consequences.

  • Domain 4: When we talk about Domain 4, live by the mantra - Don't do more, do differently! If you're still wondering what "effective" practices look like through this lens, then click here and hit the ground running this fall!

  • POP Charts & Chill Zones: This year we experimented and piloted, next year we go ALL IN! Click here to review and revisit our POP Chart/Chill Zone routines and be ready for full implementation (along with our new Zen Den) this fall!

Happy Birthday!

  • Ms. Evans - 6/19
  • Ms. Miner - 6/24
  • Mr. Preston - 7/26
  • Ms. Applegate - 8/11
  • Ms. Budney - 8/23
  • Ms. Roxanne Burt - 8/30

Schoolwide Events

Community events/reminders are in bold.

  • 09/06: Bullock Pep Rally
  • 10/03: School Pictures
  • 10/10: Back-to-School Night (Basic Skills-6:00, General Sessions-6:30)
  • 10/11: School Closed (Teacher Inservice)
  • 10/14: School Closed (Columbus Day)
  • 10/31: Halloween Parade