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Buffalo soldier

The buffalo soldier

The buffalo soldier some of the bravest men to stand for there rights. Started from the the 10th cavalry regiments they where first know by the Cheyenne warriors names that ment "wild soldier" The buffalo soldier where between 1866 and 1951 that time was called peacetime because the nativ amairican soldier fought for their rights and had some help along the way.

Abraham Lincoln is one of the few people who help them on the way. he help in a way showing that he bleave in there rights there working for as he wrote this state ment.

" Abraham Lincoln wrote a statement concerning the black troops enlisted in the U.S army. With the sympathy of the president, The black soldiers in the Civil war had so heroically vindicated their manhood on the battlefield where, in assisting to save the life of the republic, they have demonstrated in blood their right to the ballot the black men of the buffalo soldier With the help of President Lincoln. "(Cashin and others 1969 p.i)." (http://debate.uvm.edu/dreadlibrary/mullin.html) and Abraham Lincoln)

They the black men bleaved that they were closer to way to freedom and equality that they want.there were thank full for the help of Abraham Lincoln.

The buffalo soldiers fought in the sillver war battles where hard and rough but they made it with some help of Troop H which protected the Western territories in post Civil War times wich they where on. They some times fought along side with them in battles.for the battles in the 9th and 10th cavalry regiments as the buffalo soldiers.ther troop leader was Charles Young at times he was around the were condcider legendary Charles Young served them in the (1864-1922) in the 19th and 20th centuries.t

As today the group of buffalo soldiers are not forgotten as today's memory's bob Marley wrote a a song about the legendary buffalo soldiers called "buffalo solder" bob Marley strongly loved the the peacetime of the buffalo soldier set bob Marley was a pastfist. The soldier after the war as free men some cept serving and outher quite and got jobs and had family's.

Bob Marley wrote a song to the buffalo soldier in the song he sing about them serving in batle.

As the end they are located in Leavenworth Kansas.

Buffalo soldier

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