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September 19 - 30, 2016

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The Month-at-a-Glance

Sept 19 & 20 - STAR Monthly Screening
  • During IE (Monday - Reading; Tuesday - Math)
Sept 20
  • LearnZillion leadership team training, 8am-4pm (select teachers)
  • Title 1 Annual Review Meeting 6:30pm
  • Title 1 Parent TECH Night 7pm

Sept 21

  • PBIS and Homecoming PEP RALLY @3:05pm in Gymnasium
  • MMS Football @Salem HS 5:30pm
  • MMS Softball @Salem HS 5:30pm (hosting quarter finals)

Sept 22 - 23 - ELA and Math Benchmark 1

  • Thursday - ELA BM1 in ELA classes
  • Friday - Math BM1 in math classes

Sept 22 - PL Buffet: itsLearning @RCA All Day PL Session
Sept 26

  • Achieve 3000 LevelSet (if not already taken)
  • Faculty Meeting 4pm in Media Center
  • RCPS Teacher of the Year Celebration 6pm-8:30pm at RCA

Sept 27 - Building Leadership Team Meeting 4pm in Media Center
Sept 28 - TAPS Café, 3:30pm-5pm for HS and 4:30pm-6pm for MS
Sept 29

  • 8th grade Dahlonega FT

  • Teacher Induction Program(TIP), 12:30-3:30pm @EMS for teachers w/0-3 years exp

Sept 29 - 30 - Science and Social Studies BM1

  • Thursday - Science BM1 in science classes
  • Friday - Social Studies BM1 in social studies classes

Oct 3 - 7, 2016 - October Break (building open Monday - Thursday 9am - 2pm)
Oct 10 - RCPS Teacher Workday/RCPS Parent Conference Day

  • Counselors will schedule conferences requested by parents. Teams should schedule all other conferences. A conference is required for students w/grades 75% or below
  • De-escalation Training Make-up Session (AM/PM sessions; Time TBD)

Oct 12

  • Snack n' Chat Invitations issued to students (sponsored by PTSA)
  • 7-3 Roundtable/Tours with Ag and BioTECH Students Field Trip 9-11:30 (RCA)

Oct 13 - Snack n' Chat - Pizza Party for students scoring 70% in Core & Conxns classes

Oct 14

  • 1st 9 weeks Progress Reports go home with students
  • 6-3 Fernbank Nat'l History Museum Field Trip

Oct 17-19 - ITBS 7th grade

Oct 19 – PSAT 8th grade

Oct 24 – Nov 4 – WriteScore for all grades

UPDATED...Grade Reporting Deadlines:

Monday, October 10th

  • 12noon - Deadline to enter grades.
  • Learner Behaviors MUST be included on progress report. Learner behavior rubric will be provided at our faculty meeting (9/26 @4:15pm).
  • You may also add additional comments as needed.
  • All progress reports will have the Parent Conference Day reminder listed.
  • Grade verification begins at 12:30pm

Tuesday, October 11th

  • Grade changes must be submitted to the registrar by October 11th at 4pm
  • Please use the appropriate “grade change form” available from Ms. Gibson

Wednesday, October 12th – Printing and distribution to teams

Friday, October 14th - 1st 9WKS Progress Report issued to students

This Week's To Do:

Content PLCs Meet this week.

Please review the updated schedule: MMS PLC Meeting Schedule

Got Green Checks...??

TKES Walkthrough's and Formative Observations are well underway!

  • Teachers on the FULL plan will receive 2 walkthroughs and 1 formative (announced) observation no later than November 7th.
  • Teachers on the FLEXIBLE plan will receive 1 formative (announced) observation no later than November 7th.

The Fall formative observation will be scheduled in advance by your evaluator. Once you are scheduled, begin collecting all documentation to be submitted as evidence for a Level 3 or Level 4 rating on TAPS standards 1-10. Your documentation MUST be submitted in advance of your observation.

Tentative TKES Evaluation Timeline & Details

Walkthrough Observations

  • Two completed for teachers on a FULL plan by October 11, 2016

Formative Assessments

  • #1- Completed by November 11, 2016 - announced (scheduled by your evaluator)
  • #2 Completed by March 13, 2017 - unannounced

Mid-Year Conference

  • Completed by January 23, 2017
  • Can be done individually, or as a team or group.

Summative Assessment

  • Completed by May 15, 2017
  • Reflects totality of evidence, consistency and practice.

Achievement Teams HOMEWORK (next session w/ Dr. Mungin October 13-14)

Each PLC will:

  • Assign Roles
  • Develop norms
  • Evaluate data from pre-assessment and decide next steps for students.
  • Evaluate pacing/planning for the week after October break
  • Develop pre-assessment (no more than 10 questions)
  • Administer pre-assessment and enter student names/score on data spreadsheet

Thursday Professional Development

September 22nd

ELA, Science & Social Studies: Achieve3000 Model Classroom in N. Johnson's Rm (323)

8th Grade - 8:50 - 9:25am

  • 9:30 - 10am Testing PD with Ms. Wheeler & Achieve Debrief w/Nikki Palmore (PLC Rm)

7th Grade - 10:25 - 11am

  • 11:05 - 11:35am Testing PD with Ms. Wheeler & Achieve Debrief w/Nikki Palmore (PLC Rm)

6th Grade - 1:25 - 2pm

  • 2:05 - 2:35pm Testing PD with Ms. Wheeler & Achieve Debrief w/Nikki Palmore (PLC Rm)

Math Teachers: Testing PD with Ms. Wheeler

8th Grade -9:30 - 10am (PLC Rm)

7th Grade - 11:05 - 11:35pm (PLC Rm)

6th Grade - 2:05 - 2:35pm (PLC Rm)

September 29th

We will continue our conversation on Standards Based Grading. Andrea Pritchett, RCPS Director of Curriculum & Instruction will be facilitating our session. Ms. Wheeler will also cover topics related to testing. Please be on time for your grade level session.

Monday, October 10th - RCPS Parent Conference Day

After reviewing your 1st 9 weeks course failure lists and honor roll candidates, keep the following in mind:

  • If a child is failing or in danger of failing (75% or below AVG) only one course, teachers should hold phone conferences individually and log them in Infinite Campus instead of scheduling a team conference.
  • Pay particular attention to students failing or in danger of failing(75% or below AVG) 2 or more classes. Conferences are required for these students(whole team). Develop a schedule ASAP, if not done so already (divide up your list by HR and call parents or solicit the help of the Counseling Dept. to assist with scheduling).
  • Send parents of high achieving students opportunities for their child to “expand and glow” by email instead of scheduling as conferences.
  • If you have students who are being served through the RtI process, try to arrange those conferences with Ms. Williams.
  • As you enter your learner behaviors, based on documentation on team and educator's handbook, formulate a behavior concerns list so that you can start targeting behavior, with the help of the PBIS team and our P&I Specialist, after the break.

Remember to block out the 1 hour lunch near your usually planning time (many of you have conferences you need to attend for your own children). You do have the flexibility to start early or end late as well to accommodate parents.

Send Ms. Glover your schedule by Friday, September 30th and let an administrator/counselor know if they need to attend or provide resources.

School Announcements

Morning: AM announcements will consist of the Pledge of Allegiance and moment of silence beginning at 8:38am.

  • Please send your group, grade level, athletic announcements (with time frame for posting) to Ms. Antoinette Dunstan. Submit by email, WORD or PowerPoint slide.
  • Announcements will scroll all day long via the close circuit system and is available during HR/DEAR on the MMS Teacher Page.

Afternoon: Dismissal procedures begin at 3:55pm. Please ensure that your students can hear the PA in the event that an after school activity is being canceled or their mode of transportation is changing.

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Congratulations Seminole Staff Members of the Month!!

Seminoles receive our commemorative SHOUT OUT trophy, thank you card, and a gift card.

How is Your Team Using the WIN Period??

Have you thought about organizing subject area ROTATIONS to provide Tier 1 REMEDIATION for students?
  • Review assessment data
  • Develop an internal roster where each core teacher selects students needed for remediation in that content area.
  • Provide TIER 1 remediation to students through re-teaching, peer tutoring, small group intensive instruction, etc.
  • Reassess required standard(s)
  • Rotate your rosters (or select students) every 1 - 3 weeks based on your their data

Instructional Technology PL - STAR 360 & Renaissance-U

You have access to Renaissance-U through September 30, 2016. You can begin to use this course to become familiar with STAR360 Reading and Math. Below you will find the information on how to create your Renaissance-U Online Course Account.


Please read all of the instructions carefully before beginning:

1. Locate/Click STAR 360 from the MMS Teacher Page

2. Log into the Renaissance Place website.

3. Click on the Renaissance-U tile.

4. Scroll down and click "Create an Account."

5. Enter in your email address. This will take you into Renaissance-U, where you will access all tutorials.

You will be able to return to Renaissance-U at any time by clicking the tile within Renaissance Place and clicking on 'Enter Renaissance-U'.

If you have any difficulties accessing Renaissance-U after you have set up your account, please contact customer service at 800-338-4204 or and reference your Learner Account in Renaissance-U.

Learning Environment Logistics

Bell Schedule and Class Transitions

Please adhere to the time frames detailed in the bell schedule that signify the start/end of every period. Practice transitions with your students to avoid the loss of instructional time.

First 5/Last 5

The first and last five minutes of every period are critical instructional times. The first five minutes should consist of warm-ups and/or overviews. The last five minutes should consist of some type of closing/summarizing activity. Do not write students passes out of your class during the first and last five minutes of each class period. Additionally, we want to be able to clear the hallways and not prolong transition periods.

Student Supervision

  • Consistency...Consistency...Consistency. It is critical that everyone does their part to supervise students activity and movement in the building. Walk with students to Connections. Avoid "sending them ahead" and expect to catch up.

  • Avoid contributing to student tardies. Release students on time to report to their next class. Respect the instructional time of your colleagues.

  • Noise Volume in Hallways/Cafeteria - Students should use inside voices or lower when transitioning in the hallways and in the cafeteria.

Dismissal Procedures

  • Students should NOT be standing/roaming in your doorway or in the hallway during dismissal. Keep students quiet and engaged until they have been called.
  • Students will be dismissed to the bus lane by team or area. There will be an announcement for the one, two and three teams separately based on hallway location.
  • Example...if a student is in the band room during IE or an enrichment cluster, but is on a team one, do not dismiss them until the Connections area has been called.
  • Walk students out of the building to maintain adequate supervision.
  • Classes should exit the building in an orderly manner by walking on the right side of the hallway to alleviate congestion.

Email Checks

Please remember to check your email at least twice each day to stay abreast of all communication provided throughout the day.

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