A Cinderella Story

By Kanya

Once upon a time there was a girl named Kanya.She lived with her step sisters, Indiana and Laura and her step mother Mrs,Wildish.

Her Father died during an earthquake when Kanya was small and the only remembrance of him (which was a snow globe) was broken during the earthquake.Nowerdays everytime she thinks about her dad,she feels like crying.

In Vinesdale Senior Highschool there is a boy called Ralf.Kanya has a crush on Ralf but Ralf already has a girlfriend called Daniella.they are


The next day there was a new girl her name was Charley.She was a fair beautiful girl just like Kanya,and soon they became best friends.Kanya showed Charley the disco flyer ,she said” EEEKKK are you going?” “No,I have nothing to wear!”Kanya replied.”I know a solution,my Aunty owns a dress shop called

Just Dresses!

We can go there to get our dresses!”

At the disco Kanya looked beautiful!She wore a beautiful white dress and a sparkly silver crown and very shiny glass slippers.She saw Ralf but didn’t recognise him,but they still danced together.Everyone looked at Kanya and Ralf.After 1 hour,the great big grandfather clock stuck!Kanya thought it was 12 but it was only 10 - but Kanya still ran home, on the way she dropped her blue IPod when she was running down the stairs!

Ralf recognised the blue IPod and then he knew it was Kanya who he was dancing with.

A few years later Ralf asked

Kanya to marry him.She said , “Yes!”

They has a smiggle wedding and had long smiggle rainbow rubbers as rings and they lived Happily ever after.