Solar VS kinetic Energy


Solar Energy-Solar energy—power from the sun—is a vast and inexhaustible resource. Once a system is in place to convert it into useful energy, the fuel is free and will never be subject to the ups and downs of energy markets. Furthermore, it represents a clean alternative to the fossil fuels that currently pollute our air and water, threaten our public health, and contribute to global warming. Given the abundance and the appeal of solar energy, this resource is poised to play a prominent role in our energy future. Some examples of Solar Energy are:

  • Solar panels
  • Solar powered hand held calculators
  • Solar powered watches

Kinetic energy- energy that has motion. Any object that is moving has Kinetic energy. There are different types of Kinetic energy. Vibrational, (the energy due to vibrational motion), rotational (the energy due to rotational motion), and translational (the energy due to motion from one location to another). Some examples of Kinetic energy are:

  • A ball rolling down a hill
  • An arrow flying in the air
  • A book falling off a shelf

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