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June 2, 2022

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Forever Ohlone

As I write my final message as the Ohlone Principal, I find that I am at loss for the perfect words. Words that can accurately express my feelings of gratitude for a community I knew nothing about 5 years ago. A community that welcomed me with a jar of Ohlone Gold, a cobalt blue sweatshirt, and open arms. Arms that supported our students, staff, and families through a tumultuous time, a time of uncertainty and fear. Fear that transformed into strength within our Ohlone community and confirmed our core values and the compassion we have for one another. Best gig ever. Maybe those are the three words I'm looking for :).

My goodbyes this week have left me a bit verklempt. Promotion was a beautifully reflective time to celebrate our rising 6th grade students. I have known some of them since my principalship at Young Fives, PreSchool Family and Transitional Kindergarten. And the softball game today was a fantastic way to close out the year. There was so much joy in the air!

Ohlone has been a gift to me these past five years. My time here has left an imprint on my heart. Ohlone is a part of me. Thank you for sharing your children's hearts and minds with me and our staff.

I wish you a wonderful summer ahead. I am looking forward to spending time in Portugal with my family by the seaside, a postponed pandemic trip. I am excited for my work next school year as the district's Director of Mental Health and Wellness. Ohlone will be one of the 18 schools I will support so I won't be far away. I am ecstatic for this new opportunity to continue to support our students, staff and families. Not goodbye, but hello in a new way!

You are in the best of hands with Elsa. She is a dynamo with a great big heart for kids. I could not have dreamed up a better principal for Ohlone.

Have a beautiful summer and happy father's day to all of our dads out there!


Ohlone Principal

Staffing Updates

Below is a list of staff members who are moving onto new adventures next year. We are grateful for all they have contributed to Ohlone and will miss them all dearly. Some are retiring, recently graduated or onto new positions within and outside of the district. Please join me in wishing the following staff well on their next chapter!


Marieluise Fries, Farm Manager

Gil Cordero, Former Head Custodian

Maureen Roddy, Instructional Aide


Brittney Tabel, CASSY School Counselor

Carly Deitsch, Farm Science Instructional Assistant

Isabelle Polito, 2/3 Teacher

Lisa Carrell, 4/5 Teacher

Kerri Eikenberg, Music Teacher

Sereena Ojakian, Room 19 Instructional Aide

Maya Abila, K/1 Instructional Aide

Mollie Stitt, K/1 Instructional Aide

Alexa Morales, K/1 Instructional Aide

Mai Hernandez, Custodian

Christine Venegas, IT Specialist

Erin Finley, Occupational Therapist

New & Familiar Faces

Next year, we welcome the following new staff and familiar faces in new places to Ohlone:

  • Samantha Furlanic - K/1 Teacher, Room 3
  • Lynn Park - 2/3 Teacher, Room 12
  • Nikki Alcantara - 4/5 Teacher, Room 26

Introducing Lynn Park...

Lynn will join Cluster 2 next year. Please read her bio below. Welcome, Lynn!

Lynn was born in Korea and raised on the beautiful island of Guam before moving stateside to pursue her undergraduate education at UC Berkeley. After graduating, she moved to San Francisco where she worked in a few different areas before teaching. With seven years as an educator and advocate for youth in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco, Lynn is passionate about creating opportunities where each and every child is prepared for success in a diverse and challenging world. She joins the Ohlone Family after six years of teaching third grade in San Francisco, and she is looking forward to sharing many new experiences with the community.

In her free time, Lynn enjoys exploring hole-in-the-wall eateries around the Bay Area and hanging out with her family. She loves traveling to new places and experiencing different cultures, and she has an irrational fear of running out of snacks on a plane.

Class Placement

Your child's class placement information will be emailed to you before school begins, most likely on August 9th. We care deeply about your children and have put careful thought into creating balanced classrooms to ensure positive learning communities. We appreciate your support for our process as we consider the individual needs of all students.

It's Official

The Ohlone Otters

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Have a Wonderful Summer!